The mall Gallery 360 announced this Wednesday its reopening taking the precautionary measures of social distancing, established by government authorities to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Rosanna Encarnación, Marketing Manager, informed through a press release that for the protection of customers, as well as employees of Galería 360, the administration ordered that the security protocols in the shopping center will be applied.

Going forward, the use of masks will be mandatory to enter, as well as for all the personnel who work there, and while staying at their facilities.

He explained that, in the same way, the distance of 1.5 meters between clients and establishments They must limit the number of clients that enter their respective premises, respecting the distance limits for each person.

Galería 360 offers its clients a up pick up ’area in order that they make their purchases directly with the establishments, through the sales channels that they have available (web pages, WhatsApp, social networks, applications), coordinate the date and time of delivery of the purchases and once the customer Arrive at the plaza to pick up the goods, park in the collection area and without dismounting from your vehicle, a store staff will deliver the purchase to the customer.

Common areas

The administration of Galería 360 develops cleaning days in common areas, using recommended products to reduce the risk of virus circulation in stair rails, elevators, and other high contact areas. This includes commercial premises, which are thoroughly disinfected and fumigated, he said in the note.

Hereinafter, the tables located in the food court, as well as the restaurants, will be placed at a distance of 1.5 meters between them and the maximum of one adult per table or a family group visiting the referred area is suggested. The statement indicates that the use of reusable trays has been ruled out.

Regarding the bathrooms of the shopping center, the frequency of cleaning and disinfection has increased. In order to maintain the required distance between clients, a cabin will be enabled if and another not and also with the sinks.

Continuing with the protocol that seeks to preserve the health of customers and employees, it was agreed that the children’s entertainment areas will be temporarily closed.

Other measures included suggesting to customers the use of escalators instead of elevators, except for customers who have a physical disability, as well as customers with baby carriages or shopping carts.


“Establishments that receive many clients, such as banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, should have distance markers that will be respected by their clients. The lines will be made inside the premises and if necessary, they can go out to the corridors of the shopping center. In beauty centers, the attention will be by appointments, limiting the number of people who can enter the establishment, “he added.

Responsibility of tenants

Encarnación explained that tenants have been informed of the security protocols established for the reopening of their establishments.

“For everyone’s safety, it will be necessary to use masks for customers who enter the establishments of the shopping center. Likewise, disinfectant gel must be available to customers for use within each establishment, “he stressed.

“Owners must provide personal protective equipment to their employees, according to the needs of each commercial activity, keeping workers informed of the safety measures that must be followed in their establishments, to avoid contagion,” he added.

Theaters and movie theaters

Although the reopening of entertainment activities is not approved at the moment, establishments dedicated to activities such as cinemas, theater rooms, training spaces, must follow the entry and circulation protocols of customers, established by the government for their activity. in particular.


Security measures will be visible on posters at different points in the shopping center.

With these measures, Galería 360 said that it cares for its clients and all its staff, helping to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic from continuing to spread in the country.