Samsung’s oven is one of the most productive on the current mobile landscape, and has been for quite a few years now. Koreans do not stop constantly renewing terminals that are stepped on the market with models from previous generations due to the number of active models. AND it seems that they can still grow more.

A couple of years ago, Samsung decided to make renovations. The J series models disappeared to be integrated, only a few, into the A series, and it didn’t take long for the M series to appear. Now it seems that within the Korean manufacturer they are preparing to give shelter to a new family, an F series focused on photography that would arrive at the end of this same month of September.

‘Samsung Galaxy F’ photographic for the end of September

The rear camera module of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Within the most modest lines of the market we find the Samsung Galaxy M and the Samsung Galaxy A, two families with ladders of telephones that go from the cheapest bands to what we consider as « premium mid-range ». Going up a little more we have the most powerful, the Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Note with its most common form factor, the Samsung Galaxy Z with folding screens and their Samsung Galaxy W with the classic cover format.

Everything seems covered but Samsung would have detected a need in the market to cover with a new family, and it seems that this family will be made up of the Samsung Galaxy F. Phones. seemingly focused on photographic capabilities and that they would reach the mid-range of the brand’s catalog, initially setting foot in India.

The information lands directly from 91mobiles, a medium known for catching leaks on the fly, and it cites « industry sources » as those responsible for talking about the future, close, family of the Samsung Galaxy F. The phones would come to an end per month, would be located in a price range between 15,000 and 20,000 rupees (170 to 230 euros at current exchange rates) and its strengths would lie in its camera system.

That the phones land in India does not mean that they will not become international phones, let’s remember what happened previously with the Galaxy M series phones. Be that as it may, we will have to wait for the event that Samsung has prepared for the end of the month since it should be there where the new family was made known. In the next few days we will probably have leaks on the first models, then we will see what Samsung has for us in the photographic mid-range.

Via | 91mobiles


Galaxy F, Samsung would prepare a new family of photographic Android phones by the end of September