Galactic goddess? Elsa Jean dazzles with eye-catching outfit

Galactic goddess? Elsa Jean dazzles with eye-catching outfit | Instagram

It seems that the actress Elsa Jean does not stop surprising her followers in her social media content, which is why she has become quite a celebrity, especially now with this “galactic outfit”.

Through her Instagram stories the model and actress Sapphire Nicole Howell better known as Elsa jean, she shared this flirty futuristic outfit with him for sure caused a few sighs as soon as they saw her.

This young actress, only 24 years old, was wearing a coquettish body that seemed to be made of metal and precious stones, in addition to her hair that is perfectly arranged like a diva.

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The back of this outfit was completely black and on his head he wore silver goggles with some stones embedded.


There were two photos that he shared in his Instagram stories, in the second we can see a little more closely the upper part and the googles that he is using.

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These could be the style that divers use and also those that are security because of the width they have, decorated and placed in it, they look spectacular and full of glamor, without a doubt this is one of the most striking photos that he has shared to date today, at least in their stories.

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