Gal Gadot is afraid that the public will cancel her like Gina Carano

It is always interesting to observe the comings and goings of public opinion, especially in such volatile places as social networks. Gal Gadot has become a problematic figure in recent days thanks to some words posted on his networks. Wonder Woman star – 92% face the darkest part of the Internet and fear they will not get ahead in the process. New information maintains that the actress feels really worried that Internet users may cancel her as happened with Gina Carano several months ago.

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While doing several Gal gadot was defended tooth and nail by her fans due to her statements in which she revealed the abuse of Joss Whedon during her stay on the set of Justice League – 41%, is now repudiated for issuing a position in which she asks for peace to his country, Israel. In his social networks he shared the same message: “My country is at war. I worry about my family, my friends. I worry about my people. This is a vicious cycle that has been going on for far too long. Israel deserves to live as a free and safe nation. “

Responses in comments to her posts accuse her of being “Zionist” or even “perpetuating violence against Palestinian civilians.” The hostility became so pronounced that Gal gadot he was forced to deactivate comments on all his networks and has not published anything since May 12, the date on which he released his statement to the world. Internet users were really furious and now the 36-year-old actress is afraid of experiencing the worst that could happen to any Hollywood star these days.

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In accordance with Daniel Richtman, the Twitter influencer who knows all the secrets of Hollywood before they are revealed to the public, Gal gadot she is very worried that the public will cancel it as happened with Gina Carano a few months ago. The character of social networks is not solid, because one day you can be loved and respected by millions, but the next each and every one of those who offered you loyalty could throw you at the stake. This rumor could explain quite well why Gal gadot He’s been keeping quiet for the past four days, probably keeping a low profile and waiting for the weather to calm things down.

Gina Carano was a huge favorite of The Mandalorian – 91% during the first season, however, her controversial comments on social networks left her out of the hit series and a bit adrift in the entertainment industry. Will we see Gal gadot suffer the same fate? The actress still has many projects ahead of her, including the premiere of Death on the Nile, a controversial film that includes the least loved actors of the moment and that surely right now represents a severe headache for 20th Century Studios.

Not even being beloved Wonder Woman can save you from public rejection. The actions of Gal gadot could have doomed the character forever, at least his version, and cause serious damage to one of the few franchises that Warner Bros. maintains in force in the DC Extended Universe. Meanwhile, Israel and Palestine continue with an armed conflict that attracts the eyes of the whole world, and in which the repudiation seems to lean towards the former due to their continuous bombardment of the civilian population. Will Gadot issue opinions on this? The actress served for two years in the armed forces of her country.

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