Gal Gadot doesn’t want to be the new Gina Carano

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Actress Gal Gadot is very concerned about the negative reaction her political comment has received and does not want the same thing to happen to her as Gina Carano.

Although she started out as an MMA fighter, Gina Carano moved into the world of acting and just when she was in her prime playing Face dune in the series of The Mandalorian from Disney Plus, was fired over the controversy of her political comments. Now Gal gadot He has suffered a lot of pressure on social networks and does not want it to affect his film career.

Recently Gal gadot shared his opinion on current events between Israel and Palestine. She called for peace on both sides, but her military history (she served two years in the Israel Defense Forces) was once again the focus of the conversation, with many calling her a “Zionist” and saying that she is aiding in “violence against the Palestinians ”. This caused a flood of negative comments and many people asked to be deleted from all the projects he is preparing. Although for now, it does not seem that the movie studios act the same as with Gina Carano which was totally excluded from the industry.

He is currently in his cinematic prime.

Gal gadot will soon premiere with Dwayne johnson Y Ryan reynolds Netflix movie Red Notice. A spy and action story that has the honor of being the most expensive production on the streaming platform. He will also seek the Oscar with two new projects. In the first he will play Irena Sendler, a Polish nurse who saved many children during WWII. In the second, she will play the actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr, a fascinating woman with whom he shares a great physical resemblance.

He also has other projects such as Cleopatra Y Wonder woman 3, both led by Patty jenkins or the spy thriller Heart of stone. It has also been rumored that he could sign for Star wars. Hopefully their comments on the internet and people’s movements on social networks do not cause them to be removed from all these fascinating films as happened to Gina Carano.


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