Finally be Apple, and not Showtime as announced in August 2018 the one that supports the miniseries about Hedy Lamarr, still without a definite title to star in Gal Gadot based on a script signed by Sarah Treem.

According to Variety, the project would have changed homes due to the deterioration of the relationship between Treem and Showtime after Ruth Wilson’s controversial departure from ‘The Affair’. And is that the creator, screenwriter and showrunner of the aforementioned series did not feel supported by the chain when the actress made her responsible for her departure, at the end of the fourth season and according to her, for having created a « hostile work environment », which placed her in an uncomfortable situation of defenselessness against public opinion.

Hailed as « the most beautiful woman in the world », at first Hedy Lamarr was exalted and iconized to be later destroyed and finally forgotten by the American public. In the meantime, he kept his brilliant mind active through a series of inventions, one of which became the basis for the spread spectrum technology we use today.

The series, which will consist of a total of eight episodes, will follow the incredible story of this great woman for 30 years: From her daring flight from pre-war Vienna, through her meteoric rise in the Golden Age of Hollywood, to her every and eventual disgrace at the dawn of the Cold War. A peak account of a woman as far ahead of her time as his victim.

This historical drama arises from an initiative of the protagonist of ‘Wonder Woman’ and her partner in Pilot Wave, producer Jaron Varsano, in a project that has subsequently been developed with television executive Warren Littlefield (‘The Tale of the Maid’ ) and the aforementioned Sarah Treem, officially credited as the creator of the future series.