Gaizka Toquero denounces electoral fraud in the elections to the presidency of the AFE

The mess continues in the elections to the presidency of the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE). David aganzo he has proposed to be president for civil or criminal matters and this is leading to a tedious odyssey in the counting of the vote by mail, a great asset of the candidate accused of bribery. Therefore, the candidacy of Gaizka toquero He denounced in a communiqué electoral fraud and that the irregularities have been placed in the hands of the UDEV of the Police.

Toquero’s candidacy statement

Since Gaizka Toquero’s candidacy, we have been publicly denouncing in recent days a fraud in the elections to the presidency of AFE. From votes of people who are not even in the census, something that is difficult to explain, through manipulations of the electoral roll until we find ourselves with duplicate votes.

In addition, the custody of votes by mail has been called into question since the notarial chain of custody has been broken several times throughout the process, preventing the inviolability of the ballot boxes from being guaranteed.

With all these irregularities, duly documented by our candidacy, we have transferred a complaint to the UDEV, the Specialized and Violent Crime Unit of the National Police, the competent body in this matter. This Unit has opened an investigation to clarify the facts.

It should be remembered that the members of the Electoral Table were chosen by lottery among AFE affiliates. Said draw was carried out before a notary public and with the presence of the current president of the Management Commission that AFE directs during the elections, Jorge Azkoitia, as well as a representative of each of the candidates.

The three members of the Electoral Table are the highest authority during the count and are solely responsible and competent when making any decision they consider appropriate to guarantee the transparency and legality of the process.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission, instead of being made up of independent professionals who oversee the process, is made up, among others, by Leopoldo Pardo Serrano as president, a lawyer who has been the legal defense of David Aganzo for years or as secretary to María José López González, one of Aganzo’s own trusted people at the head of the union’s legal department.

In fact, María José López herself tried to maneuver to ‘eliminate’ the members of the Electoral Table. First, he lied by stating, in a meeting prior to the electoral process, that the members of the Electoral Table had resigned in writing. Something that turned out to be false and that outraged the members of the table. Later, he tried to shut them out by summoning them through a burofax an hour late to the composition of the electoral table. Had he complied at the time of the call for López’s communication, the three members would have been relegated from their functions.

For this reason, from our candidacy we cannot do anything other than respect the decisions of the Electoral Board, independent and chosen by lot. In addition, we will take whatever legal measures are necessary to defend the interests and rights of the members, who with all the irregularities reported have seen their rights trampled on.

The only reason that moves us is that the electoral process is clean, democratic and transparent since it is as important to know how to lose as to know how to win.

More than 4,000 members voted by mail

Voting by mail clearly benefited David Aganzo’s candidacy and for this reason they ensured that a large number of affiliates voted from afar. As he could know OKDIARY, a total of 5,100 affiliates have voted in these elections, 111 of them in person and the rest by mail

«Here you turn around for five minutes and they have made a great change. The process has slowed down because those who are now in AFE know that they are going to lose, “they slipped from the candidacy that the Spanish soccer union intends to renew. And it is that neither of the two candidacies have stopped guarding the voting by mail boxes during the weekend due to distrust of what the other candidacy could do. Without going any further, one of the controllers from Toquero’s side –Jesule– has been locked up in a room for three days, locked up at times, and forced to urinate in bottles.

The theory of the change has been on the table from the first moment, although since the candidacy of Gaizka toquero they assure that the traps could have taken place in the post offices. According to what they denounce, there would be a casting of a significant number of votes from members who did not appear in the electoral roll of vote by mail, and even the appearance of a hundred presumed voters who are not even members. All of those votes could have been entered erratically.