GaiaDAO announces its pre-sale for today






GAIA is an autonomous decentralized organization committed to the development of DeFi products chosen by its community.

Its mission is to harness the scale of decentralized finance to create exponentially positive environmental impact.

While we recognize the importance of developing strong DeFi products to benefit our community, we believe we have a responsibility to support positive change on planet Earth.

We all have a responsibility to ensure that the needs of future generations are met and that the Earth can continue to support life.

The GAIA community will ultimately decide which environmental initiatives we support at any given time, but donations go toward wildlife conservation programs, ecosystem preservation, or anything that improves Planet Earth.

Members of the GAIA community, using their government tokens, will vote for which organization to support. This allows the community to decide where donations are most needed and the protocol to support various organizations over time.

Our goal is to help achieve a sustainable future for generations to come.