Gael García’s stepmother opens her OnlyFans because she needs money

The ravages of the pandemic and the loss of her husband Jose Angel Garcia at the beginning of this 2021 were some of the factors that led to Bella de la Vega, the stepmother of the Mexican actor Gael garcia, to open your own OnlyFans account.

This was announced by the 40-year-old actress to the magazine TV Notes, where in interview He told about his foray into the famous platform for special and erotic content.

“I already have my OnlyFans, in the next few days I will make the official launch, I will announce the subscription cost and I am already starting to upload photos,” he told the Mexican media.

The actress does not care about criticism, because she mentioned in the publication that she does not have an ounce of pain in showing her body, besides she needs an income and that became her solution.

“I have no problem showing my body, I don’t feel sorry for it, because I see life differently. My husband would be proud and would like to see that the page helps me to earn income. I work, in addition to pleasure, out of necessity ”, he confessed.

Also, Bella assured that her fans will see artistic photos and that they will even see some taken by Gael’s late father.

They will be beautiful, artistic photos, with a feminine concept and very, very sensual, there will even be many photos that my husband took of me. He had the illusion that I would pose for a men’s magazine, so I know that I have his approval and consent, “he said.

The 40-year-old woman became known after taking photos with her husband’s corpse, which she published on social networks, for which she was severely criticized.

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