Gael García’s father loses battle after serious condition

Gael García's father loses battle after serious condition (Instagram)

Gael García’s father loses battle after serious condition | Instagram

In the last hours, unfortunate news reached the world of entertainment, Jose Angel Garcia, father of actor Gael García Bernal lost his life after fighting a serious health condition.

José Ángel García, father of the actor and filmmaker of Mexican origin, Gael Garcia Bernal, went through several complications derived from his health, caused by a “pulmonary fibrosis“.

According to what has transpired, the father of actor Gael García, José Ángel García, faced a battle with this condition since 2017, when he was diagnosed, however in the early hours of this January 22, he would give his 70 last breath years.

His serious condition added to various complications would end up taking his life this Friday and it was his wife, Bella de la Vega, who through Facebook broke the news.

The one who was the partner of the actor and theater director for four years, dedicated an emotional message to say goodbye to her partner and a recognized figure in the middle of the show.

With emotional words, Bella de la Vega showed the great love that united her to the famous collaborator to whom she was now saying her last goodbye with deep sadness.

In Paradise you are MY LOVE, MY SKY, MY LIFE. In our Avalon we meet again, my EVERYTHING! I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND FOREVER, MY MASTER, THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, “he wrote on the social network.


Posted by Bella De La Vega Actress on Friday, January 22, 2021

It is worth mentioning that a few days ago, the director would have been admitted to the hospital in Mexico City after presenting a urinary tract infection, which was complicated added to his lung problem, confirmed his wife hours before the departure of the actor.

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In the same way, she explained that her husband would have gone through the most difficult days since 2020, at which time his health began to decline, which became more complicated a few weeks ago after both traveled from a house they own in Cancun.

The 33-year-old model and actress, Bella de la Vega, would have previously shared the state of health that afflicted her recognized husband, previous days she shared a publication on her Facebook account where she communicated about her delicate condition.

In her message, the wife of José Ángel García Huerta Circa requested prayers for her husband’s health.

I humbly ask for a collective prayer for the health and recovery of my beloved husband José Ángel García, who is fighting a battle for his life against pulmonary fibrosis, Bella wrote in a Facebook post asking for prayers for her husband’s recovery.

His last hours were critical

In a recent interview with “Ventaneando” the wife of the actor and stepmother of the protagonist of “Amores perros” and “Tú mama tambien”, revealed that the director’s health was very deteriorated.

He told me: I don’t want to die in a hospital, he felt that he was dead. But in the third crisis that was yesterday, I fainted that he no longer had oxygen in his brain.

He also added that “they wanted to intubate him during the last hours but his health had drastically deteriorated,” he described to the broadcast of shows.

Faced with these difficult moments, Bella de la Vega and the family of the director of the current series “La Rosa de Guadalupe”, try to find consolation in the face of this great loss, so far, the famous actor Gael García Bernal, has not spoken before the departure of his father.

Who was José Angel García?

Originally from Huetamo, Michoacán, José Ángel García was an actor and director of theater and television, he collaborated in projects such as The Hidden Truth (2006), Wooden Woman (2004) and Two Women, a Road (1993).

Other of his appearances were in television series such as La Seducción (1981), The day that Pedro Infante died (1982), Yesenia (1987), La Telaraña (1990), No one is perfect (1999), Between love and hate ( 2002), Loving you is my sin (2004), Woman, cases from real life (2005), I don’t believe in men (2014), The candidate (2016) and Here on Earth (2018).

He collaborated as an assistant director in projects such as Muchachitas (1991), Soñadoras (1998) and Las vias del amor (2002).

Personal life

The director, José Ángel García, had two children from two previous marriages, with the renowned actress Patricia Bernal, with whom he procreated Gael García Bernal and José Emilio García Ríos, son of Carla Ríos and the actor.

In the same way, it was known that Bella de la Vega and the director were expecting their first child at the end of 2019, however, the pregnancy could not be specified, since both had gone through a similar experience in 2018, so they later announced that they had already they would not seek to have a child.

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Bella de la Vega was the actor’s last partner and who stayed with him, supporting him since the doctors informed him about this condition in 2017.