Gael García dedicates an emotional message to say goodbye to his father

“So my father would jump and shout and laugh. Around there he ended up hurting his knee (he always told the anecdote of when he fell from the stage) doing somersaults, amusing all the children who saw us grow up ”, reads the message shared on said social network, accompanied by photos of his father.

“Obviously he danced very well and made the worst joke very funny. Both are skills that I hope to inherit from him, ”reads another line of the message.

José Ángel García Huerta.

José Ángel García Huerta. (Instagram / Gael García Bernal.)

With emotional words, the protagonist of Amores Perros explained that his father made him feel peace when his father returned from a function and greeted him.

I cannot put into words the affection and peace I felt when I returned from performing. He gave me a kiss on the forehead, and as the song says: The monster’s gone. He’s on the run and your daddy is here.

Gael Garcia Bernal.

José Ángel García Huerta.

José Ángel García Huerta. (Instagram / Gael García.)

In another part of his post, the actor thanked friends and family who have supported him in this difficult time and added that he was happy to hear the anecdotes that present his father as a generous and funny man.