Gadget Clarification – Aukey

Given recent information published about the Aukey company, from Gadget we issued the following statement.

In Gadget No. 150, which will be on newsstands from May 20, we publish two short tests on two products of the Aukey company: the LS02 smartwatch and the EP-N7 wireless headphones.

Once Gadget No. 150 was already printed and in the process of distribution, a series of information has appeared in various media according to which the Aukey company is supposedly involved in a network of false reviews about its products, which have been published in online stores, mainly on Amazon.

According to this information, and always with the prudence required by this type of matter, Aukey would have paid or compensated thousands of alleged buyers of its products to publish always positive reviews or comments about them on Amazon and similar commercial platforms. Payments either monetary or in kind. As of this writing, the Aukey company has not issued a statement on the matter.

Aukey LS02.

At the beginning of last April, in Gadget we received an email from Aukey, specifically, from a person in its Marketing Department. He offered to send us a series of articles from the company for us to test them and, if we saw fit, publish our opinion on them. All this, without absolutely any financial or in-kind compensation; not even a commitment to publish information on such articles.

After a few days, we received the aforementioned LS02 smartwatch and EP-N7 true wireless headphones. And in Gadget 150 you can read the corresponding reviews that, in both cases, are summarized in that they are two products that stand out for their excellent quality / performance / price ratio.

Aukey EP-N7.

Regarding the smartwatch, given that we were surprised by the very high rating that this product received on Amazon from its buyers, we reflected this in the magazine. But in no case did that influence our test and conclusions. In fact, we reaffirm our opinion both about this smartwatch and about the headphones: we liked them a lot in relation to their price.

From Gadget we hope that this matter will be clarified as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we are at the disposal of all our readers and followers to solve any type of doubt about these two Aukey products that we have tested.

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