Gaby Espino had a hard time due to COVID vaccine

Gaby Espino worried her fans in recent days about the state of mind with which she was shown, in addition to her visible absence on social networks, where she shows her day to day and the exercise routines with which she keeps fit . The actress explained that everything is due to the reaction she had after being vaccinated against COVID-19, and that they were somewhat complicated days.

“They are asking me what was wrong with me because I had low spirits,” he said in a video on his social networks in which he addressed his fans. “Well, first of all because it woke up super cloudy. The other is because I got vaccinated, ”he explained. Gaby Espino got the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine six days ago, and the side effects kept her low on energy.

“He hit me very hard. I lie. I had a fever, a lot of fatigue ”, he said about how bad he felt. “It’s been a few days when I wake up fine, do my things, start training … and I have to go home,” he added. And it is that his discomfort is so great that he has no courage to leave his home: “I have had to suspend a lot of things because I feel bad!”

Gaby Espino shares this post for her birthday© @ gabyespinoGaby Espino is usually very active, especially when it comes to exercise routines

Although she was not feeling entirely well, Gaby added that she left home to address a commitment she has with a person she loves very much. In his clip, it is appreciated with more encouragement, because the reaction of the vaccine is gradually passing.

In better spirits!

On Thursday afternoon, Gaby celebrated a great friend’s birthday. On board a yacht, with lots of music and dancing, the actress and a group of friends had a great time. Gaby seemed more energetic and very happy, which reassured her fans.

Gaby espino© @ gabyespinoGaby returned to her routine a little more lively

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