Gabriela Spanic captivates her fans with night attire

Gabriela Spanic captivates her fans with night attire (Instagra)

Gabriela Spanic captivates her fans with night outfit | Instagram

Known for her roles in Mexican soap operas the renowned television actress Gabriela spanic also known as Gaby Spanic surprised her fans while wearing a beautiful night outfit for her participation in “Dancing with the stars” Hungary edition.

The name of the renowned actress has become internationalized and not because of the fact that her face appears on televisions in other countries besides Mexico and Venezuela, her native country, but because for a few weeks she has been participating in a program that is being carried out. in Hungary.

Gaby spanic She is one of the stars invited to the program to dance alongside other celebrities and dance professionals with the aim of obtaining first place, something similar to “Dancing for a dream” program made in Mexico.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that an edition of “Dancing with the stars” has been launched, but that around the world some programs have been made in different countries, becoming extremely well known for the fact that they belong to the same theme.

Over six weeks we have seen Gaby Spanic dance alongside Andrei Mangra, renowned Romanian dancers, who, thanks to the actress’s support, have managed to become favorites of the contest.

Did you like the dance we did last night on @ dancingtv2? I will read them. Total “, the message shared by the actress.

Through a photograph where she wore an impressive silver evening dress, Gabriela Spanic excitedly asked her followers if the dance of the previous day had been to their complete liking, we have seen that week after week the protagonist of the telenovela “La Usurpadora” has excitedly shared part of her dance routines, outfits and images that they take just when she is performing.

I loved the most beautiful thing you see !!! it was all perfect !!! They were spectacular! It was divine! perfect, “wrote a netizen.

Gaby spanic He has become quite popular among his fans, throughout his career he has had the opportunity to play various roles, although at first he was characterized by having extremely tender and captivating roles, as the years passed his characterizations in some characters began to become very flirtatious beings, like her because on several occasions we have seen her show off her figure with tiny swimsuits and garments with a certain cleavage.

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There is no doubt that thanks to his talent and charisma he has managed to conquer millions, now he can presume that he perhaps conquered an entire country by participating in this program.

A week ago in the presentation of program number five, Gabriela spanic She had a slight mishap during her presentation, she bent her ankle and although it was not something serious, she managed to carry out her dance to that of Andrei Mangra who immediately helped her.

Fortunately, the small stumble did not reach adults, although the actress admitted that it did hurt a little, however, as a professional, she did not look ridiculous with her dance steps, on the contrary, thanks to the effort that both made, they made perfect grades In the end, being very proud of it, Gaby Spanic showed it off on her social networks very happy.

The beautiful Venezuelan has managed to conquer with her figure more than with her dance steps, which although her personality is of the utmost importance, character as well as her beauty were enough to make her one of the favorite contenders.

It would not be a surprise if she and Andrei make it to the top of the competition, we hope they will continue to strive and achieve their mission.

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