Gabriela Sabatini She currently resides in Switzerland, but she always has an eye on what is happening in the country that raised her and that she loves so much. He coronavirus the economic situation of Argentina, with a quarantine that has endangered thousands of small and medium businesses, and this is something that does not go unnoticed by a Gabriela who is very aware of the moment in which her country is immersed.

That is why, as related in an article collected by the WTASabatini has decided to be part of a campaign in which quite a few big stars are participating. Of course, anyone can make a difference in the project Let’s be one. This initiative tries to collect and distribute bags with essential items for the day to day, be it food, small utensils or cleaning devices, so that no home is left without being able to eat and, in short, carry out their vital functions every day .

Anyone can contribute to this project by donating one of these boxes through the Seamos Uno website. The award? Having the opportunity to participate in a virtual meeting with some of the most brilliant stars of Argentine sport. Gabriela Sabatini has joined an already spectacular cast, with figures such as basketball player Manu Ginobili, footballer Javier Mascherano or, properly speaking, Diego Schwartzman. Not only sports stars: also famous actors like Ricardo DarĂ­n have joined the platform.

“Right now I am not in Argentina, I am quite far away, but I stay connected and follow everything that is happening through the news. What makes everything difficult is that it is not only a hard time for Argentina, it is for everyone , but mainly affects those countries that were already suffering before the pandemic. So this project is so importantSabatini declared from Switzerland.

And it is that, as we say, for Sabatini his country has a hole in his enormous heart. Silver At the Olympic Games and always with Argentina in remembrance in her speeches throughout the circuit, Gabriela can do nothing but regret the current state in which the nation is located. “I love my country more than anything in the world, and it hurts me terribly to see people suffering. I have all my friends and my whole family there, so I am worried about what may be next.

I think Argentina is strong, and that all of us, together, let’s get out of this. We have to get fully involved in projects like this: that each person, within their capacity and what they can leave, contribute. “We can only wish this project enormous success and encourage everyone to participate in it.