Gabriel Soto drops bomb when questioned about how he feels about Irina Baeva | Instagram

The actor Gabriel Soto He attended the broadcast of a well-known program where he released statements that would shake his partner Irina Baeva.

The gala of telenovelas participated in the broadcast of the morning “Today“After being invited, the Soltero protragonist with daughters enjoyed a pleasant moment until the moment of truth arrived.

Among other things, the actor He spoke of his daughters, how these days of quarantine have passed, the same ones that came out of the news went to the Russian actress in a beautiful house in Acapulco, owned by the actor.

And is that Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva They have defended their love against thick and thin, every time a rumor comes out that puts their relationship at risk, the couple slaps with a white glove and somehow reaffirm the love that have been professed.

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Proof of this are the recent statements of the actor when in a question-and-answer dynamic he reinforced his feelings for the Russian actress, which most likely made her tremble with emotion.

He histrionic He has made it clear once and for all what his stance towards his relationship is and what it means to him Irina Baeva.

In a single word, the actor from TV soaps express:

Oh, the love of my life. “

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It should be remembered that the couple was separated at the beginning of all the chaos that the pandemic of the coronavirus.

Both were with their respective families, the actor with his daughters and the actress with their relatives who came from Russia and they had not been able to return to the health emergency of the Covid-19.

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Later, Baeva shared that he was already with Gabriel with whom he met in Acapulco as soon as he had the opportunity.

Even both have shared some of the moments together that have happened during these days, apparently without witnesses, since apparently the daughters of the actor They were no longer with him.

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And it is that as the ex-husband of Geraldine Bazán, He considers himself a father who loves his daughters very much and it was in the first that he thought to save them, especially in these critical days, parental love will always be one of his priorities, has reaffirmed on several occasions.

(They are) my whole life, I love them with all my heart, they are a love for girls and they are my engine, my motivation, they are my whole life, replied the actor when he was questioned about his daughters, the result of the relationship with Geraldine Bazan, who at the time it was also an important part of his life.