Gabriel Soto talks to his daughter about the criticism

Gabriel Soto is not only proud of his daughters, Elissa marie Y Alexa miranda; He also keeps his word to support them in whatever they want to do in pursuit of their happiness. And is that Elissa, the eldest of the two little ones she had with Geraldine Bazán, follows in her parents’ footsteps in acting and her career begins to take off with a role in the soap opera Si Nos Dejan, from Univision. However, with the joys of fame and fans, there could also be criticism that is painful for the 12-year-old, and Dad is there to guide her.

Elissa Marie, daughter of Gabriel Soto and Geraldine Bazán© @ elissasbbGabriel Soto fully supports her daughter Elissa Marie, who is determined to pursue a career in acting

And while Gabriel can’t control what people write on social media, he can help his daughter not take it too seriously. “I talked to her, I said ‘this is one of the consequences that may have, that people may criticize you, that they do not like your work, that they throw hate at you,” he said during his visit to Despierta América, together Alan Tacher and Francisca Lachapel.

The talk he had with his first-born could not have been better: “He told me: ‘Dad, I know and I ignore it.’ Elissa took it very maturely, and in addition to understanding this great lesson, she knows that she has the love of her parents to face any situation that arises.

“She kind of understands it very well. Obviously, we know that when you do something important and that leaves a mark, there will be criticism, and that there will also be people who speak very well, you are finally in the public eye ”, explained the 46-year-old actor.

Elissa’s dream of becoming an actress

Elissa Marie grew up watching her parents perform, she knows the forums and how the cameras are turned on to create a story that fascinates the public through the small screen. And it was a matter of time to want to follow in the footsteps of mom and dad.

Elissa Marie, daughter of Gabriel Soto and Geraldine Bazán© @ elissasbbGabriel Soto assured that his daughter is still in class despite her work

To support her in pursuing her dream, Gabriel and Geraldine make it a priority for their daughter to continue her academic studies. “In these times of pandemic, you have the opportunity to take classes online. I talked to her and said ‘look, I’m giving you the opportunity to remove this little thorn that you have to act’, because finally the most important thing for me is school and education, ”said the proud dad.

“It is something that she wanted to do and therefore to encourage her to see how she does it,” she said with great emotion about the future that her daughter begins to sculpt in front of the cameras.

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