Gabriel Chávez, known for lending his voice to the ambitious Mr. Burns in The Simpsons (until season 15), informed his followers through a Facebook Live session that since yesterday Friday morning he began to present symptoms of coronavirus.

The actor commented that, in addition to shortness of breath, he also feels fever, body ache, stomach pain and weakness. All this qualifies it as « unbearable ».

In a tired voice – and somewhat worried -, the prolific interpreter apologized to his fans since he will not be in contact with them for a long time, as he plans to stay in bed to rest. He assured that, at the moment of perceiving the discomfort, she immediately contacted her daughter by phone.

« I am not afraid, » he says. “On the contrary, I feel very strong. I am not going to move out of bed today, they are taking care of me. And well, friends … I just wanted to tell you about that. « 

As expected, the Internet community began to express his good wishes to him, with some even affirming that his recovery was going to be swift because he « is of another wood, strong and indestructible. »

This love received is largely due to the fact that Chávez is quite active on his social networks, to which he constantly uploads extensive videos (almost two hours long). In fact, his pre-illness recording was released two days ago. In it, he looks quite happy and energized, sharing anecdotes, and even a poem, with his audience.

In addition to portraying Montgomery Burns, he has also served as Grandpa Phil in Hey Hey Arnold! Ed Big Head in Rocko’s Modern Life, Sheriff in Robin Hood, Buzz Buzzard in The New Crazy Bird Show and many more characters.

Waiting for him to improve as quickly as possible, Why not remember when you had your special participation in the PREMIERE # 86 Cinema podcast? Hopefully soon you will find « excellent! »

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