Gabilondo, the candidate best valued by Madrid

The socialist candidate, Ángel Gabilondo (Photo: Europa Press / Getty Images)

The Sociological Research Center (CIS) has published its survey on the upcoming elections to the Community of Madrid, in which left and right would be tied for seats. But, who of all the candidates falls the best of Madrid? Those surveyed by the CIS have it clear.

Ángel Gabilondo is the best rated, with an average score of 5.6. In fact, only the socialist and the head of the list of Más Madrid, Mónica García (5.4), have been approved in the CIS. Branded as bland or serious by some of his opponents, he has managed to prevail over the popular Isabel Díaz Ayuso (4.9) who fails very scraped.

For his part, the representative of Ciudadanos, Edmundo Bal, fails to convince (4.2) in a survey in which the worst unemployed are the heads of the list of Vox and United We Can. While Rocío Monasterio has an average score of 3.6, the leader of the purple formation is the worst valued by the people of Madrid with a 3.2.

In this sense, the head of the list of the PSOE in Madrid receives a note of 6.2 among voters who consider themselves to be within the most left wing, while it fails with a meager 4.2 among those who are further to the right. In the case of Iglesias, he only approves those who are positioned in the last positions on the left on a scale of 1 to 10.

Ayuso sweeps the right of Madrid citizens with a remarkable high (8.8), even above that of Rocío Monasterio (7.2). In the same way, the More Madrid candidate takes another notable (7) to the left of the board, which contrasts greatly with the well-scraped of Iglesias (5.9).

However, to the great question of who would they want to govern Madrid at the moment, 38.6% of those surveyed point to the current president Isabel Díaz Ayu …

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