Gabilondo asks to stop the “confrontation”, discuss “real” problems and build 44 new “promised” health centers

The PSOE candidate for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, Angel Gabilondo, has asked this Thursday to put aside the “confrontation” and stop “the spiral of extremism” in which, in his opinion, the pre-campaign of the regional elections is entering next May 4. The key, in his opinion, is to talk about the “real” problems of citizenship, such as Health. In this sense, it has denounced the existence in the Community of 44 plots in which health centers were promised to be built and which remain “empty.”

Precisely in front of one of those lands he has attended to the media after his visit to Alcorcón, in which he was accompanied by the mayor of the municipality, the socialist Natalia de Andrés. “44 health centers promised and without starting to build,” the candidate denounced. “Some have been for more than 10 years,” added sources of the candidacy. In this sense, the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, promised a little more than a year ago in the Assembly of Madrid the construction of 22 health centers and the reform of as many between 2020 and 2024. Gabilondo, therefore, insists on which, it seems, will be one of his campaign arguments: the reinforcement of Primary Care.

In the act held this Wednesday, for example, he denounced the establishment of the Zendal Hospital for the vaccination of residents of Madrid who live “150 kilometers away.” Later, Madrid announced that would enable 10 public hospitals to continue with the immunization, to which Gabilondo has reacted criticizing that “none of these centers is in the Henares region.”

Neither equidistance, nor confrontation

Gabilondo has also influenced another of the fundamental points of his campaign: the need to “flee” from extremism. For this reason, and one day after the riots in Vallecas during the presentation of the Vox candidacy, the socialist has asked politicians for “responsibility”.

In his speech, he rejected “equidistance”, but insisted that does not want confrontation. “Citizens know how to distinguish when someone goes to an act seeking confrontation or not,” he pointed out. In addition, he has asked to seek the “intelligence” of the voters and avoid “a campaign exalting sentiments, such as those of ‘communism or fascism‘. Finally, he has insisted on another of his slogans: “Let’s stop the extreme right and the government of Colón.”