Gabilondo asks to choose between “democracy or fear” on May 4 and insists on his ‘no’ to extremism

The socialist candidate for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, Ángel Gabilondo, has stated that the May 4 elections raise the dilemma of choosing between “democracy or fear” and he has insisted on his rejection of extremisms because “they are not the way.”

In an act shared with his number two, Hana Jalloul, and the Secretary of Organization of the PSC, Salvador Illa, Gabilondo has started lamenting that for some agree is “a symptom of surrender, of fragility, of incapacity “, something with which he is radically against.

The socialist candidate has advocated a match “from the heart and from the heart” noting that the word ‘courage’ includes ‘heart’, as does the word ‘agreement’. This has led him to vindicate “a policy of the heart in a society in which it seems that soulless politics prevail.”

His campaign is based on three axes, made explicit on the canvas that has been hanging in Callao since yesterday and with which he appeals “to democrats of any condition”, not only to progressives. The first one goes through “avoid the government of Columbus”, the second axis is “a ‘no’ to extremism“and the third is a commitment to” a serious government to govern seriously. “

A “serious government” or “the government of Columbus”

“We are faced with a dilemma in which there are two options, either democracy or fear, hope or confrontation. Is about elect a serious government to govern seriously or the government of the Plaza de Colón, “he warned.

This has led to charge against vaccination strategy of the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso because “it is not serious” in a situation in which they are increasing infections, hospitalizations and admissions to the ICU or “when the first decision before the fourth wave is to close health centers on non-public holidays.”

Quoting Simone de Beauvoir when he warned that the most scandalous thing is to get used to the scandal, Gabilondo has warned that putting “the public at the service of private interests is a form of corruption”. “We must not lose the capacity for astonishment, we must not get used to the scandalous. I do not resign myself to that reality that the extreme right wants for Madrid,” he concluded.

Business aid plan

Gabilondo has also committed itself to launching a direct aid plan for companies endowed with 1,300 million euros if he wins the elections. “We want to support SMEs, the self-employed, hospitality companies, businesses. We do not leave them in distress. We want to promote new active employment policies, with more training, with incentives for hiring, betting on the internationalization of companies. SMEs “, has shelled.

During the event, he advanced other measures that he would promote from May 5: advance curfew at 10 p.m. in those municipalities with a cumulative incidence of coronavirus greater than 300 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Attached to a increased screening in the areas with the highest incidence given that in the Community “there is capacity for more than 200,000 weekly tests”.

Hospitality support

Gabilondo has placed special emphasis on financial support for the hospitality industry, one of the “most punished sectors” and that needs support but “right now, not with phrases”. And all because Madrid “is the only Community without direct aid to the hospitality industry “.

“In 24 hours it can be done, the government of the Community can be summoned with an extraordinary council to transfer a budget of 80 million euros from the contingency fund because the restrictions to the activity must be accompanied by direct aid “, has indicated.