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With the arrival of the new generation, many wonder which console would choose important members of the industry. Gabe Newell, co-founder and president of Valve, is not entirely foreign to the world of consoles, so he recently spoke about it.

As we told you recently, the manager is in New Zealand, a country where he was sheltered during the COVID-19 pandemic. A local television channel took the opportunity to invite him to a program and interview him.

During the conversation, various topics were discussed, including the arrival of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 later this year. Newell had an opinion on this and tipped the balance in favor of Microsoft.

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Gabe Newell favored Xbox Series X

One of the presenters questioned Newell about the console he would buy later this year. The Valve executive was clear and assured without hesitation that, if he had to choose, he would choose Xbox Series X.

Newell did not elaborate on his answer, simply stating that Microsoft’s proposal seems better to him. Later, the manager clarified that he and his projects have nothing to do with the console career for now.

« I have no participation in that race. Obviously we do most of our development on personal computers, but of the 2 it would definitely go with Xbox, » Newell stressed.

Below you can see part of the interview they did with Gabe Newell. His statements about the new consoles are at the 3:12 mark.

The truth is that Valve is not entirely foreign to the world of consoles, as several of its titles have been in both the Sony and Microsoft systems. It is clear that its strategy focuses on the PC, but part of the community hopes that Valve will bet on the new generation with more releases on Xbox and PlayStation.

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Both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will debut later this year. Look for more news related to new generation consoles at this link.