G20 highlights the importance of universal access to the COVID-19 vaccine

G20 leaders agreed on the importance of having a system that guarantees universal access to vaccines against COVID-19

Several of the leaders of the G20 agreed today, on the first day of the summit of this multilateral organization, on the importance of having a system that guarantees the universal access at vaccinations against him COVID-19, one of the issues that is emerging as a priority for this meeting, which ends tomorrow, Sunday.

We have to guarantee access on a planetary scale and avoid at all costs the scenario of a world at two speeds ”, said the French president, Emmanuel macron, during a pre-recorded intervention in a parallel event to the first meeting this weekend of the Group’s heads of State and Government, which is held electronically due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

Although it celebrated the launch of the international mechanism COVAX, dedicated to ensuring fair and equitable access to vaccines against COVID-19, Macron stressed that “more contributions are needed” and proposed creating a mechanism for donations of these drugs from developed to developing countries.

In that same forum, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, considered that “in order to overcome the pandemic, each country must have access and be able to access the vaccine” and that the funds collected so far within the COVAX system “are not enough to achieve this objective.”

“Therefore, I appeal to you to support this important initiative,” he asked his G20 colleagues.

“A right of all”

Also the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, defended during his participation in the meeting of G20 leaders that access to therapies and vaccines should be a right of all populations.

“For Italy these are public goods for all and not the privilege of a few”, he remarked.

Similarly, the British Prime Minister, Boris johnson, anticipated before the inauguration of the summit, that during his intervention in this he would underline the commitment of the United Kingdom to work in favor of universal access to future vaccines, according to a statement from 10 Downing Street, his official office. In addition, he said that he would urge the rest of the participants to participate in the COVAX initiative.

The Argentine President, Alberto Fernandez, affirmed in an intervention recorded in the parallel event of the summit that “cooperation and solidarity are the two key elements to fight against the pandemic.”

For this reason, when speaking about the equitable distribution of vaccines, he pointed out that “this fight is not just a task for the rulers; It is a collective task of the international community that requires signing a great global solidarity pact ”.

The Brazilian president, Jair bolsonaro, also sent a recorded message that the G20 organization released before the start of the summit, in which it stated that “cooperation within the G20 is key to overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic and resuming the path of social and economic recovery ”.

Bolsonaro, however, affirmed that time has proved him right when he said “from the beginning” that it was necessary to “take care of the health of the people and the economy at the same time.”

“World Heritage”

“We should offer the vaccines that are being developed as the common heritage of humanity, instead of deepening the existing injustices,” said the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during his speech at the virtual meeting of leaders.

Erdogan proposed to implement within the group “mechanisms to guarantee access for all in equity and at adequate prices.”

His counterpart from South Africa spoke in the same vein, Cyril Ramaphosa, who called on his G20 colleagues to “help with the funding gap” of COVAX “to ensure that this platform can fulfill its mandate,” he said.

The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez, which participates in the G20 event due to Spain’s status as a permanent guest, demanded fair, equitable and universal access to vaccines against COVID-19 from the group’s leaders.

“We will not be safe until everyone is safe,” Sánchez said.

Who has not known the position on this or any other issue is the outgoing US president, Donald trump, who made a brief appearance at the start of the virtual G20 summit and then went off to play golf, while his counterparts in other countries debated measures against the pandemic.

His short speech was closed to the media and the White House did not immediately provide information on the matter.

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