Furukawa: the influence of Yamauchi and Iwata is still present in Nintendo

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Yes, Nintendo has changed in recent years and in some areas the company has become more flexible, however, the Japanese work culture and the link with its own history are elements that not even time can diminish and in the case of the house of Super Mario Bros. is no different. Recently, Shuntaro Furukawa, president of the company, spoke about it and acknowledged that the legacy of his predecessors continues to be present.

The ideas of Yamauchi and Iwata remain in the philosophy of Nintendo

During an interview with Nikkei (via VGC), Shuntaro Furukawa spoke about Nintendo’s success at the moment and the changes and adjustments that had to be made to put the company in the position it is today. In that sense, the president of Nintendo pointed out that it was necessary to make some modifications regarding the philosophies and forms that have been dragging on for years, but he assured that influences such as Hiroshi Yamauchi are still valid.

In this regard, Furukawa mentioned: “Unfortunately, I never spoke directly with Mr. Yamauchi. However, I learned about his philosophy through Mr. Iwata and Mr. Kimishima, who took over as president after him. In briefings on management policies and other events, I tell people that ‘entertainment is valuable when it is different from other entertainment’, and these are Yamauchi’s words. It was Yamauchi who laid the foundation for our universal way of thinking and the foundation of what is. Nintendo today “.

Hiroshi yamauchiHiroshi yamauchi

Also, the president of Nintendo highlighted Satoru Iwata’s idea of ​​creative freedom and expanding horizons in that regard: “Iwata inherited this and left many people in the company who can think for themselves and work actively. When I was sent abroad, I had many opportunities to work with Iwata. I learned a lot from him by consulting with him and asking for his guidance. “

Currently, Nintendo is experiencing one of its best moments, as Switch is close to selling 80 million units and many of its exclusive games already have tens of millions of copies sold.

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