Furious! Thalía faces criticism for her small waist

Furious!  Thalía faces criticism for her small waist (Reformation)

Furious! Thalía faces criticism for her small waist | Reform

Singer and actress Thalia After so many years of receiving bad comments, she has responded with humor to her critics who allege that she underwent a surgery to be able to have her little one waist which has made a great impression for a long time.

As you can see, the singer Thalía is usually surrounded by endless controversies, but the one that has been heard the most throughout her career is that there is a rumor that she took off a couple of ribs to have a slim figure.

In fact, the artist has even joked with this theme in the song “Arrasando”, released in 2000, in which she launches the phrase “What if I get fat, what if I get thin, what if I don’t have b”, to refer to the urban legend.

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The truth is that the interpreter is usually highly disciplined in maintaining a healthy diet and performing arduous exercise routines, with which she can have a figure of envy.

However, despite this, the crazy versions about her small waist continue to be spread and there are many comments that she receives every day.

But far from getting angry or angry with people, fortunately Thalía already takes these rumors with humor and in her social networks she usually shares videos in which she makes fun of those gossip.

And it is worth remembering when he made a publication on the Instagram social network where a team of people did the impossible to adjust a girdle for a video clip.

Recently, the also actress He went viral for posting on his Tiktok account, making fun of rumors that he removed his ribs to maintain his “wasp waist.”

In the short video Thalía appears where she points out the criticisms that accuse her of being false, but, jokingly, the artist demands that her critics show them her exercise routines and the discipline to which she is subjected.

That woman is all fake, she took out her ribs to have that great body. Show me your exercise routine. Show me. Are you sitting on the couch or lying on the bed? Teach me your exercise routine and your discipline, ”said the singer.

It is worth mentioning that the publication of the artist received strong criticism that it uses a lot of filter or that it even no longer finds what to do to attract attention, however, for some of its fans it seemed funny that it ended in such a fun way to all rumors about her figure.

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And it is that as you may remember, the interpreter of “You did not teach me” has always been characterized as a thin woman with a small waist, however for a time they began to criticize her and unleash rumors about the supposed operation.

But as you can see, for her part, Thalía always tries to take things with humor and for a few months she has made several videos on TikTok, in which she seeks to entertain and make her followers laugh on the platform.

It should be noted that the former Timbiriche has also stood out for being a businesswoman, having collaborations with clothing brands, her own makeup palette and until a few months ago she announced that she would like to have her own taqueria in New York.

Undoubtedly Thalía had an unstoppable 2020 despite the health contingency and she does not stop reinventing herself through her music, social networks, business and dreams, such as opening a taqueria in New York or returning to acting.

I would love to return in some kind of format, “he said in an interview with Efe.

And it is that there have been many rumors of the return of Thalía Sodi to soap operas and she has gotten tired of repeating that this is something that has remained in her past, however, now she is interested in trying projects more in line with current times such as series.