Funny how Mr. Bean? Rob Manfred Now Doesn’t Want Fast Games With Pitchers Review (Opinion)

The measure of revision to the launchers at every moment during the game imposed by Rob manfred totally contradicts his eternal discourse and now why not wants the quick games on the MLB, so the question is whether you like it funny as well as the character of Mr. Bean, so I will issue a opinion on the subject raised here.

What happened on Tuesday with the reactions of pitchers Max Scherzer and Sergio Romo was evidenced that there is an error in the new policy for reviewing sticky substances to pitchers, where they are subject to the same at the beginning and at the end of the inning Apart of course how what happened yesterday too, which was done during the inning at the request of the other team’s manager, like Girardi with the Phillies.

When it was deGROM’s turn, he assumed it in a very calm way, but it is most likely that this situation will get out of the hands of the Commissioner. Manfred how it happened with the Houston Astros cheating issue.

With this issue of cheating, I consider that not all the culprits were sanctioned and a player who is the one who was least at fault in what happened, is the one who has taken most of the boos like Jos├ę Altuve, that is, under the justice of Rob a culprit can go unpunished and a guilty sentenced for life.

Or also on the measure of practically eliminating the figure of the situational pitcher, since it forces a pitcher to measure at least three batters unless it is to end an inning or also what they call rewarding a player who was the third out of a previous entry as a second base runner where if he scores that run it is valid for his numbers.

A situation that presents a flagrant violation of the rule, since clearly the runner from the cave goes out to run and without stepping on first base, but all this account of the management of Rob in order that the game lasts as little as possible.

Now a revision from launchers There will be at least 18 if the starter throws all nine innings and if a reliever comes every inning or two pitchers in every episode, presumably in a highway quarter one lasts less time, but, but wait:

The Commissioner wants to shorten the game and places around 20 reviews from launchers per game, that is, he violated baseball rules and now the right of inspection is attributed to people who do their work every inning, so we are in the presence of a joke. Could it be that it became funny how Mr. Bean?

This is a character represented by the actor Rowan Atkinson, where you see a person who wants to achieve something but does everything possible to achieve it by committing all kinds of blunders and makes one laugh at his occurrences, falls into contradictions, is original, But he always, always wants to get away with cheating, taking advantage when he shouldn’t, but in the end you laugh at his jokes, even though millions of people through baseball don’t depend on him.

Funny Rob Manfred as Mr. Bean?

More than funny, from what we are seeing, he wants baseball to resemble the situations that the character experiences as already mentioned, because it is not possible that he has modified the sport that we like so much in such a way and now he comes out with the idea that Each inning may be an eternity to inspect each pitcher, Not to mention that this undermines your rights as a person.

In the sense that if a pitcher was reviewed at the beginning of a game, unless there is information or a complaint of cheating, there the referee can ask to requisition the pitcher, because nobody likes to be inspected, much less with suspicion of cheating, therefore that should be duly justified.

The boos that he took Manfred At the end of the 2020 World Series, it is a reflection of how the fans feel about his management, since it shows that he does not like how baseball is, because otherwise he would not have dared to modify much of his form and all because I wanted to see shorter games.

Now how did he change his mind and with the attraction of seeing games that last longer, who removes and let’s see Manfred Accompanied by Mr bean in one of the games, confused between whistles and applause, where we imagine who the boos and applause will be for.

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