Tata Yoyo, Cho Ka Ka O or La bonne du curé, it’s impossible not to know one of Annie Cordy’s flagship titles. But since Friday, September 4, 2020, the singer’s fans have lost their smile. Annie Cordy died at the age of 92 from a heart attack. The artist has bowed out in his villa in Vallauris, near Cannes. And although she never wanted to apply for French nationality, it is indeed on the Côte-d’Azur that the Belgian actress was buried. It was his niece, Michèle Lebon, who had given news of his funeral to the press a few days ago. Saturday September 12, at 3 p.m., the funeral ceremony – broadcast live on France 3 PACA – took place in music on the Butte de Saint-Cassien, in Cannes before continuing at the cemetery of L’Abadie, in La Bocca.

“I hope to be worthy of your greatness of soul”

Nearly 500 people were able to meet to say goodbye to Annie Cordy, including her famous friends Hervé Villard, Dave, Michèle Torr, and Charlotte Julian. And of course his niece was there. Michèle Lebon is the daughter of her older sister, Jeanne, and the only family that the singer had left. Indeed, Annie Cordy lost her husband and manager François-Henri Bruneau, in 1989, after 40 years together. In addition, the couple had never had children. It is therefore natural that Michèle Lebon introduced her speech with these words: “My dear little mother …”Annie Cordy’s niece then let her emotion speak, holding back her tears as best she could:“ Alone, made up, expertly disheveled, curled up in your little purple bathrobe, in front of the mirror of a dressing room, sharing a plate of pasta with your dog or in the back of the car, legs straight, feet in the front seat, your dog on his knees, mumbling a text, crossing it out, describes Michèle Lebon. Or trembling and livid, just before entering the scene, then smiling and so available, dedicating again and again, with a word for everyone. Here is a jumble, the images that scroll through my head. ”

Passion is strength, that’s your motto. I make her mine now. You also say: ‘I am today and tomorrow’ ”, continues the young woman, her voice trembling. “You are my example of modesty, discretion, generosity. You amazed me with your wisdom, your common sense and your incredible lucidity. But you were wrong, ”she says in front of the crowd. “You are wrong when you say: ‘These are the songs that will remain in the collective memory and the fictional characters that I served will be remembered. Not from me, not from the interpreter. ‘ You are wrong, ”repeats Michèle Lebon. “We are all there, here in the open air – you loved the outdoors – all gathered in a magnificent egregore of love. We will not forget you and we are very many. You will guide each of my steps, each of my actions. I hope to be worthy of your greatness of soul”, She finally concludes. A farewell that is both magnificent and heartbreaking.

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