She left no one indifferent. Annie Cordy died Friday, September 5 at the age of 92, in Vallauris. It was his niece Michèle Lebon who had announced the sad news to .: “She was uneasy around 6:00 pm. The firefighters arrived very quickly, tried everything to revive her. She left in a few minutes”.

The Belgian magazine leader, singer and actress has marked many generations with her hits Tata Yoyo, La bonne du curé and Cho Ka Ka O, but also in the cinema in the films Rue Haute, La Vengeance d’une blonde, Disco and Pocahontas (she dubbed the unforgettable Grandmother Feuillage).

It is therefore natural that many personalities and anonymous gathered Saturday, September 12 in Cannes for an outdoor ceremony. His niece opened the ball rolling: “You are my example of modesty, discretion, generosity. You amazed me with your wisdom, your common sense and your incredible lucidity (…) We are all here, here outdoors, all gathered. We will not forget you and we are very many. “

Lyricist Claude Lemesle spoke on behalf of all the French-speaking authors who “had the honor” of working with her. Virginie Hocq and the Taloche Brothers also saluted Annie’s memory on stage.

More than 500 relatives and fans were present to say goodbye to him. Among them, Laurent Mariotte, Michèle Torr, Hervé Vilardherv, Dave, Roland Magdane, Mathieu Spinosi (who played with her in Les Souvenirs), Gérard Louvin, Florence Fel and Charlotte Julian.

. specifies that his coffin was framed on the stage by two large portraits of the artist as well as innumerable wreaths of flowers, in particular of the family of Luis Mariano or of the former Belgian king Albert II. In Brussels, moreover, the metro paid homage to him in its own way, by broadcasting a selection of his songs in the stations all day long.