Fundación Banco Santander launches the ‘Santander for the Seas’ project

Fundación Banco Santander launches the 'Santander for the Seas' project

Fundación Banco Santander has launched the ‘Santander for the Seas’ project, endowed with 450,000 euros, and aimed at recovering and conserving seas and oceans.

Banco Santander highlights the importance of the blue economy, which includes activities such as fishing, the use of the marine environment to produce renewable energy, or tourism and blue biotechnology.

Specifically, according to figures from the European Commission published in the report ‘Report on the Blue Growth Strategy: Towards more sustainable growth and jobs in the blue economy’, the blue economy supports some 5.4 million jobs, and represents a gross added value of 500,000 million euros per year.

However, many marine species, habitats and ecosystems are under enormous pressure from catastrophic consequences, exacerbated by climate change.

On the positive side, numerous studies suggest that a substantial recovery in the abundance and functions of marine life could be achieved by 2050, provided that impacts to the marine environment and climate change are mitigated.

Faced with this situation, Fundación Banco Santander postulates its commitment to the environment through the ‘Santander for the Seas’ initiative.

With the new project, Fundación Banco Santander continues the development of the Natural Heritage Recovery program, which it has been supporting for more than fifteen years, with recoveries of emblematic species such as the brown bear, the seagrass meadows, or the bearded vulture, among other species .

The director of Fundación Banco Santander, Borja Baselga has stressed that “the serious situation we are experiencing makes us even more aware of the need to take care of the environment in which we live, to increase aid for the conservation of the great treasure of our natural heritage, our seas and oceans, whose warming and loss of biodiversity contribute to the degradation of our future as a species. We believe that Santander for the Seas will help improve the ecosystem of our seas and oceans ”.

‘Santander for the Seas’ will carry out the selection of three projects, which will receive the support of the Banco Santander Foundation for two years with the contribution of 150,000 euros per initiative. It is intended that the chosen projects have an environmental impact, and are replicable, sustainable over time, economically efficient, and that they integrate social and educational aspects.