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We had a chance to test the HONOR Watch GS Pro and I think everyone owes this review as it is not just for those who exercise.

After a long time of tests and exercises, finally I can give you my take on the HONOR Watch GS Pro and believe me, it is truly amazing inside and out.


Let’s start with what many want to know, and those are the specifications of this impressive Smartwatch.

Gram weight grams
1.39-inch circular AMOLED screen.
454 x 454 pixel resolution.
Heart rate monitor
Sleep monitor
Stress monitor
More than 100 training modes
One programmable button
2 hour charge
Battery life of 25 days, 48 ​​hours with GPS enabled and 100 hours with training mode.
Bezel make stainless.

Apart from all the above, it has 14 military grade certifications, which helps it to be the perfect companion in all possible weather conditions. Thus, the certifications are as follows:

Low pressure (Altitude)
High temperatures
Low temperatures
Temperature shock
Fluid contamination
Solar radiation (Sun rays)
Sand and Dust
Temperature, humidity and altitude


Honestly, this team is very good in many ways, as I continued using it for day-to-day activities and exercise routines, it always kept an eye on my activities and my health needs.

That is, not only did I measure my sleep times, my walking distances and the calories I burned during this, Instead, he was always attentive to the times when my heart rate was faster and with a recommended type of physical activity to start measuring it.

Obviously, being in quarantine and in the middle of the city, I could never go for a walk on a hill or to swim, but walking, jogging and exercising at home (mainly playing Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch) measurements of time, calories and heart rate were always accurate.

Also, something that I really liked is that every 10 minutes of exercise, the HONOR Watch GS Pro gives you a summary of what you have done so far by voice. That is, it tells you how long you have been, your heart rate and the calories you have burned.

But not everything is exercise, because it also cares about you in different ways, some of which include a warning that suggests you get up from your seat and do some stretching, this every time you spend a lot of time sitting, whether for homework, work or playing video games. Literally, no one had cared so much for me.

Other things to consider

Thanks to the programmable button, we can access our favorite functions in a much faster way, which helps us to enter the music control, search our phone or measure our blood and stress levels with the simple touch of a very convenient button.

Personally, I left this button programmed with the flashlight function, where the HONOR Watch GS Pro turns up all the brightness of the screen and blanks it. Surprisingly, it is very good to see at night and move around the house at dawn if you want to go for a glass of water in the middle of the night. It even helps if you want to light an inaccessible part of your house, since basically you always have a lamp attached to your wrist..

But if there is something that I loved, it is the fact of being able to answer calls through the HONOR Watch GS Pro, this using its speaker and microphone, with which you can feel like a secret agent of yesteryear, well It is basically one of the functions that the retro Bond had in its special watches, I think we even saw it in The Simpsons, could it be that The Simpsons predicted this Smartwatch? I would say yes.

Its design is also very striking and easy to adjust, so you will not feel uncomfortable when wearing it for long periods of time. Just make sure to clean it after every routine, because thanks to its water resistance, you can take a bath with it if you want or simply clean it thoroughly with plenty of water.


Honestly the HONOR Watch GS Pro is a gadget that everyone should try, Although it is more focused on those who like to exercise, it will also help you have a healthier life by sending you alerts of all kinds.

What’s more, it has so many extra functions that you could find many more uses for it than I found without problems, and that’s what makes it so great.