Fujimori raises electoral tension in Peru and calls for the cancellation of 200,000 votes

The candidate for the presidency of Peru Keiko Fujimori. (Photo: . / John Reyes)

Peruvian presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori, from the Fuerza Popular party, raised electoral tension in Peru on Wednesday by calling for the cancellation of some 200,000 votes in regions that overwhelmingly support her rival Pedro Castillo under accusations of irregularities and “table fraud.” Meanwhile, Castillo has declared himself the winner of the elections before the end of the vote count.

The right-wing candidate, who is on the way to losing the vote last Sunday, has asked the National Board of Elections (JNE) to take this step. In a press conference in Lima, he has also accused his rival of orchestrating a great national fraud to harm it.

“If we add 802 tables in which requests for annulment have been presented, which represent 200,000 votes, and we add 1,200 minutes that represent 300,000 votes, half a million votes are at stake here, which we believe is essential for the final count that has to be carry out the electoral jury ”, he said. “I thank the citizens who have come out to march asking that their vote be respected. I urge you to continue waiting for the results with great confidence ”.

The lawyers of Fuerza Popular have listed the reasons that, they assure, they found to request the annulment: falsification of signatures of board members in 503 minutes, representing 125,000 votes; falsification of the results in 132 minutes where, according to the legal proposal, Popular Force obtained zero votes; and setting up tables with members of the same family, something prohibited by law.

The electoral justice must now decide on these challenges, a procedure that will delay the completion of the count. According to the regulations, the deadline for submitting any request for annulment of the minutes expired on the night of this Wednesday. So this can be a …

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