Fugitive from the law, Remmy Valenzuela loses contract with his label

A fugitive from the law, Remmy Valenzuela loses contract with his label | INSTAGRAM

After he was recently accused of allegedly having physically affected one of his cousins ​​and his girlfriend, now to the authorities of the condition from Sinaloa have issued a production order against him singer Remmy Valenzuela after such a complaint.

According to the media close to the case the state prosecutor’s office opened two investigation folders against the mexican artist and he is being sought by the authorities specifically by the investigative police to render accounts on the acts of which he is accused.

In addition to the news of what practically it is fugitive from justice It is also added that his Universal Music label has already decided to dissolve any relationship with the singer, in addition to dissociating himself from the way of acting on behalf of Remmy, so they broke his contract according to the information provided in “Suelta la Sopa.”

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So far the famous accordionist Nor has he had the opportunity to talk about what happened to his relatives if they have spoken and expressed that they are terrified by the events, in addition to the fact that his mother assures that Valenzuela’s wife has tried to communicate with him and his cousins ​​to try to fix things and withdraw the complaint.

Everything happened last Sunday when the news began to be shared in which it was ensured that the artist from Sinaloa attacked his cousin causing physical aggravation on his face and other parts of his body, in addition to that his partner also had marks of receiving an attempt by @sphyxia with a light wire.

As a result of the events, the young woman ended up with marks on her back, chest, neck and arms. Her boyfriend also has damage to various parts of the body as well as broken cheekbones and a risk of losing his left eye.

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The singer was denounced for the crimes of injuries, family violence, gender violence and everything that can be added thanks to the evidence.

The situation is complicated for the artist and more so for not appearing and taking responsibility or at least clarifying what was going through his head or his life at that time to have resorted to violence.

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