‘Fuerza de paz’ ​​announces its cast headed by Silvia Alonso, Félix Gómez and Martiño Rivas

Televisión Española is working on its new fiction projects for the next season. Among them is ‘Peace Force’, a series with which they embark on the military theme and which is produced by RTVE in collaboration with Alea Media, Aitor Gabilondo’s company and responsible for projects such as ‘Homeland’ or ‘Living without permission’.

Cast of ‘Peace Force’

RTVE has revealed the first details of ‘Peace Force’, which has already begun filming in Madrid and that will also travel to Mazarrón, in Murcia. In addition, he has also indicated which interpreters make up his cast, among which are Silvia Alonso, Martiño Rivas, Félix Gómez, Alain Hernández, Alfonso Bassave, Will Sephard, Iría del Río and Carlos Serrano.

Silvia Alonso plays Sergeant Paula Elgueta in this Military thriller set on Equatorial Guinea’s border with Cameroon. Aurora Guerra, responsible for ‘Acacias 38’, is the creator and executive producer, as well as a screenwriter with Santiago Díaz and Juan Vicente Pozuelo. Mar Olid (‘Mothers. Love and Life’) and Jorge Saavedra (‘Néboa’) direct the episodes.

This is ‘Peace Force’

Sergeant Elgueta, together with her military unit, have managed to carry out their mission of free abducted women and girls from slavery by a group of pirates. Her happiness is tarnished when she learns that Hugo, her fiancé, has committed suicide at the Bonaki base, south of Guinea. Paula believes that his death hides something, so she starts an investigation to discover the terrible truth.