Fuenlabrada has become Javier Tebas’ drain. The Madrid club, protected by the president of the League, is exceeding all known limits in Spanish football ignoring all kinds of existing standards for the rest of the equipment. The last one has come in the form of a burofax and has been the company Nussli Iberia S.A. the one who has denounced the umpteenth irregularity of the club where Javier Tebas Jr. he works as a man orchestra.

«Nussli Iberia S.A. He has been trying to contact you for several months to arrange a meeting, ”the company that manages the temporary stands at the Fernando Torres stadium begins in a letter. «To obtain, on the one hand, the payment of the invoices owed and discuss, on the other hand, the possible renewal of the contract that united us until May 31, 2020 « , state the company, that at the same time admits in his letter that they have not received a single reply to WhatsApp sent or made calls.

The debts that Fuenlabrada has with the company amount to 180,000 euros as confirmed by OKDIARIO. To that must be added the more than 300,000 they have with Social Security – which has already seized the club – and the 600,000 from the Treasury, leaving once again in ridicule that ‘strict’ economic control that the League presumably exercises over the clubs and more in the ‘new’ rich.

Is it possible that Fuenlabrada played the games after the pandemic in illegal facilities? According to Nussli Iberia S.A, it is a reality that this was the case for not having extended his contract. «Inform us that since May 31st, they have been using our structures without our authorization and that NUSSLI IBERIA, S.A. will not assume any responsibility for accidents or any personal or material damage that may be caused by the use of our structures. In addition, since it was not possible to undertake the periodic maintenance and inspection tasks for the 2020-2021 season, We inform you that currently the structures do not have a valid installation certificate, a fact that we will inform the competent authorities and the organization of the competition», Indicate the temporary structures company, making it clear that Thebes father is aware of everything.

Remember that the club president, Jonathan Praena, It already installed in 2016 some extra stands in the Fernando Torres stadium that were illegal and unsafe and that the Fuenlabrada City Council itself was in charge of forcing the withdrawal. On this occasion, the stands are legal, but if you do not pay maintenance fees, inspections or paperwork, they become illegal.

What would have happened if the League – as it tried for a few weeks – had managed to get the public into the stadiums? Are we perhaps regretting some misfortune as already happened with the health emergency in La Coruña? The evidence is that Fuenlabrada has once again acted outside the regulations and even their own suppliers are not covered when it comes to reporting them.

They are going to dismantle half a stadium

The mess, to say the least, is muffled because Nussli Iberia S.A. He plans to enter the Fernando Torres this Wednesday to collect the stands that the Praena family has ‘kidnapped’ them. «As we communicated to you in our email of September 6, 2020, which was not answered either, we understand, therefore, that Although we have tried on numerous occasions to find a solution to extend the rental of the structures, there is no interest on the part of the C.F. Fuenlabrada S.A.D. to continue using our structures, so we inform you that we will proceed next Wednesday, September 16 at 08:00 hours to dismantle and remove our material, so we urge you to have everything ready for the access of our staff to your facilities , without prejudice to the actions that we believe are necessary to undertake to solve the different issues that we keep open with you to date, « they add in the burofax.

What will Jonathan Praena do? Will he get the 180,000 euros he needs to catch up on his sleeve knowing that you have the Social Security and the Tax Agency with a magnifying glass on top? Or will it leave your stadium without stands? In Fuenlabrada you can never rule out anything, even having someone show up with a metal briefcase to fix the mess. It would not be the first time this has happened, as Gálvez Auditores reflected in his controversial inspection at the time. Of course, they tried to stick their noses in the club to find out about their accounts and they ended up fired. Meanwhile the evidence is piling up, Tebas will continue to do everything possible so that the Fuenla melon does not open. Whoever that fails.