Fuckboy – Aria Vega – Music News

Fuckboy is the new premiere that we want to present to you today, it is real, this is so fashionable, there are hundreds and hundreds, and Aria Vega of course knows what we are talking about. We tell you all the details of this song, and of course my favorite song, here in Múisca News.

Fuckboy, do you locate that term? We bet that if you do not locate the term, you do locate one, and that’s the way it is, Fuckboy, what is a fuckboy? Let’s start with describing that word, a fuckboy is a man who does not want commitments, that as the word says his passion is, “Fuck”, lit, just having a good time, does it remind you of someone? Exactly, we’ve all met a fuckboy.

The bad thing about fuckboys is that they are so charming that they really manage to make us fall in love with them, so that in the end, they tell you that they are not looking for anything or they simply change you like a napkin, because that is how they are, and it is not that they are bad people, they surely have feelings, a family they love, but they are just not one-woman men.

They are so lovely that I made one a boyfriend, what a nightmare! But that’s the way fuckboys are. And of course Aria Vega knows what we are talking about, Could it be that Aria Vega also suffered in love? And who doesn’t?

The song premiered on June 18 and today it has more than half a million views! We love!

So that you better understand what we mean, we leave you this link of the Fvckboy video clip by Aria Vega for you to enjoy!

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