A short and to the point St Stoner Wave ’that will promise two more deliveries in the immediate future. Fu Manchu turns 30 years of career, there is nothing when I met them with their third album, In Search Of… in ’96… ‘Pass the time’ pussy !. In short, as you can guess the band is celebrating a well-deserved anniversary with three decades at the foot of the canyon, 12 studio albums and one live and a stream of EP’s and singles that say it all from some survivors of the first stoner scene that Forged back in the mid-90’s with Kyuss, Yawning Man, Masters Of Reality, Nebula and the band of the indestructible Scott Hill. To celebrate it in style and adapting to the exceptional circumstances of the moment, the Fu Manchu have decided to release an album in three installments or what is the same, 3 E.P’s with three songs each; one that we will talk about today and the remaining two that will be released in the second half of the year with a view to being able to return to their unwavering live discipline that has also been suspended by the bug …

The ‘Time passes’ and we cannot waste any more time wasting it with various bullshit !!!…

Fu30, Pt.1 by fu manchu

Fu 30 Pt. 1 (I suppose II and III also ..) has been recorded in The Racket Room (California) and produced by Jim Monroe and the band itself, that is, Scott Hill (vocals, guitar), Brad Davis (bass, vocals), Bob Walch (guitar) and Scott Reeder (drums). The EP, as I told you before the jump, consists of three unique songs, two originals with the hostile ones as well as catchys “Time Is Going On” and “As You Crawl”, Stoner Punk 18 karat joer !! ! To end more environmental, dense and stupid with “Takin ‘It To The Streets” which is nothing more than an unrecognizable cover of the hit of the Doobie Brothers that they have taken to their sandy terrain, I imagine that with tons of Peyote in the air . I can not say more, only that we are celebrating, that three themes have been released that leave you hungry for more and that those of Scott Hill continue without fail …

Fu30, Pt.1 by fu manchu

FU MANCHU – Fu30 Pt.1 E.P. (2020)


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Fu ManchuFu30 pt.1

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