Fruits Basket already has Spanish dubbing on Funimation

Funimation added this Tuesday to its catalog the Latin dubbing of the 25 episodes corresponding to the first season of Fruits BasketWe are referring to the 2019 re-adaptation of the iconic shōjo manga written and illustrated by Natsuki Takaya.

The ensemble of voices in Spanish is headed Nycolle Gonzalez (Tohru Honda), Javier Olguin (Yuki Sōma) and Alan Bravo (Kyō Sōma). The project was directed by Miguel Ángel Ruiz (Jurassic World: Cretaceous Camp) in VSI Mexico City, a studio that previously handled the exclusive dubbing of Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth and Azur Lane for Funimation.

The distributor confirmed the dubbing of Fruits Basket a couple of weeks ago through its social networks.

After a family tragedy, Tohru Honda, a high school student, secretly moves into a tent in the middle of nowhere. Unknowingly, the girl established her new home on private lands that belong to the mysterious Sōma clan. They invite her to stay for a few days at their home after noticing their presence. So, Tohru discovers the great secret of the Sōma clan: when someone of the opposite sex touches them, they become animals of the Chinese horoscope.

The manga was serialized in the pages of the magazine Hana to Yume of the Hakusensha publishing house between 1998 and 2006, being compiled in 23 volumes. The print is published by Panini Manga México in its 12-volume « Collector’s Edition » in aizōban format. The play featured a 26-episode first anime adaptation produced by Studio Deen in 2001, which was a resounding success in both Japan and the West.

The second adaptation by TMS Entertainment (Dr. STONE) presents a much more faithful approach to the original plot, in addition to adapting the manga in its entirety. The series premiered during the spring 2019 season, directed by Yoshihide Ibata (FLCL Progressive) and under the supervision of mangaka Natsuki Takaya herself. Its third and final season will premiere next April.

Both versions of Fruits Basket are available on Funimation, although the platform currently only has the first season of the new adaptation with subtitles and, now, with Spanish dubbing. Hopefully they will add the second season to their offer very soon.

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