From Xbox they assure that Game Pass is warming up engines for Christmas

Xbox Game Pass will have news this holiday season

This month we had to wait directly until December 1 to find out what games the new Xbox Game Pass titles in December had in store for us, but the wait has been worth it. Although Control, the latest Remedy title makes all the covers, it has actually added 17 new games between Console, PC and Android. Greedfall, Doom Eternal for PC or Rage 2 for Android, are the most prominent, but if you think that you will not have time to play everything, you have it raw. Today we learned that the company has something prepared for these holidays.

What do you have in mind for the service?

** These upcoming Christmas holidays will be dominated by Xbox Game Pass ** and its already hundreds of titles to play. And is that Microsoft does not intend to leave us « alone » with those 17 games, if not that they will only be the first. That is what anyone can deduce after reading the words of Matt Percy on his Twitter profile, the head of the future content of Xbox Game Pass, who states, « That they were just heating up. »

How could you read in Percy’s tweet, with this first wave of Xbox Game Pass titles, they were just warming up for the holiday season, so if we are normally used to a second pull of new titles every month, in December they have some ace up their sleeve, which makes everyone wish they had a new subscription to the service. Microsoft recently released a tremendous promotion for newcomers of THREE MONTHS FOR 1 EURO on Xbox Game Pass .. We will be attentive to any news about the Microsoft service, which seems to bring us big surprises.