From ‘White Hell’ to ‘Eternally in Love’: The Best of Liam Neeson in the 21st Century

Curiosity will keep us with his unexpected conversion into an action hero, but Liam Neeson’s career over the decades has been full of displays of talent, versatility and charisma. We talk about one of those actors with an absolute presence, capable of raising a story simply by appearing on the screen, turning calm, pause and coldness into ardent virtuosity.

On this occasion, we focus our attention on the best roles he has played in the 21st century, a stage in which, obviously, the fast-paced thriller of fights, explosions and shootings has occupied a large part of his time. However, We also find some completely different proposal in which we have had the opportunity to enjoy the most classic Neeson. A joy.

The best of Liam Neeson in the 21st century

1 ‘Kinsey’


‘Kinsey’, a biopic about the pioneer of human sex research, Alfred Kinsey, offered Liam Neeson one of the greatest challenges of his career. And also one of his most desirable gifts. And the Irish interpreter seized the opportunity in a big way. Accompanied by a wonderful Laura Linney, Neeson offers here one of his most energetic and compact works, understanding at all times the needs that both his character and the story require. A total control by an actor who signs here, in all probability, his most memorable performance in this century.

Kinsey at eCartelera

two ‘Batman Begins’

'Batman Begins'

Among the virtues that we can find ‘Batman Begins’, many and varied, stands out a group of interpreters focused on the imposing task of resurrecting (cinematically) Batman himself. In that sense, having the services of a dedicated Liam Neeson is a safe bet, being especially evident in that final stretch in which the true intentions of his character are discovered. One of the best interpretations of an actor committed to the history, objectives and goals to be achieved of the group of which he is a part.

Batman Begins in eCartelera

3 ‘Revenge’


‘Revenge’ has a clear and firm goal: to entertain, entertain and entertain. And you will be able to do (almost) anything to get there. Able to go from action cinema with touches of thriller to thriller with punctual doses of action, the film directed with enthusiasm by Pierre Morel, especially inspired by the set pieces developed in limited spaces, achieved a brutal and deserved success at the box office thanks to the honesty of his proposal, to the transparency with which he throws himself fully to meet his goals, to the icy face of a Liam Neeson who doesn’t take his job as a joke and, above all, at a dizzying pace that offers no opportunity for respite to the viewer. He didn’t reinvent the genre, but he didn’t intend it either. ‘Vengeance’ knows exactly what kind of film it is and performs its role with admirable efficiency.

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4 ‘Non-Stop’


‘Non-Stop’, the best work of the duo formed by Jaume Collet-Serra and Liam Neeson to date, accepts all the rules of the popcorn action genre of a lifetime. Here we have mystery, spectacular scenes, frenetic pace, narrative incoherencies, an actor committed to the maximum and a spectacular final climax. In short, a tape that is consumed without problems, with constant attention and with a remarkable interest. Collet-Serra also allows himself to play with the candy that assumes that 95% of his story takes place in a unique setting, an airplane that functions as just another character. Its direction, brilliant at times and always effective, is one of the strong points of a thriller that as it progresses loses any hint of coherence in favor of the wink of eyes to the lover of the cinema show, which here has a true festival of the absurd and the fun to go back and forth to.

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5 ‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs’

'The Ballad of Buster Scruggs'

The Joel and Ethan Coen thing is a scandal. It does not matter that his films go through genres as diverse as comedy, thriller, drama or western, it is that, simply, they seem unable to deliver a work that is less than remarkable. And in the case at hand, ‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs’, his first project for Netflix, they re-embroidered the with honors. Through six independent stories developed in the most classic and recognizable West, the Coens unfold all their visual poetry, their narrative talent and their masterful staging until they reach a new peak. A film with which to laugh, cry, vibrate, suffer and sing in which, given the choice, we are left with the beautiful, sad and captivating section starring a splendid Liam Neeson.

The ballad of Buster Scruggs in eCartelera

6 ‘The A Team’

'The A Team'

The leap to the big screen of the mythical ‘The A-team’ was resolved with a blockbuster over the top, excessive, noisy and hysterical, yes, but also deeply enjoyable. An entertainment that did not allow a second for respite and that, based on accumulation, ended up mesmerizing with pure firework. With an admirable ability to make grandiloquence its particular flag, Joe Carnahan’s film also presented us with the opportunity to enjoy a cast one hundred percent complicit with the objectives set and led by a hilarious and charismatic Liam Neeson. Total vindication for his interpretation and for ‘The A team’.

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7 ‘White Hell’

'White Hell'

After the cold and unfair reception obtained with their particular vision of ‘The A-team’, Liam Neeson and Joe Carnahan joined forces again a year later in ‘White Hell’, one of those films that, fortunately, time has located in its right place. And that space to which we refer is that of the great adventure films of recent years. From its spectacular beginning to the last of its impeccable shots, this story of extreme survival is told with a pulse as firm as it is exemplary and interpreted with the character, forcefulness and elegance of a Neeson capable of filling the screen with the only help of his presence. An extraordinary film with a huge actor at the helm.

White hell in eCartelera

8 ‘One night to survive’

'One night to survive'

‘A night to survive’ reunites Collet-Serra and Liam Neeson and offers the most popcorn viewer a new opportunity to enjoy the same old thing, yes, but told with intelligence, rhythm and pulse. It’s not little. It is also a considerable pleasure to observe a cast in which the looks and silences of an Ed Harris as splendid as usual shine with their own light and Joel Kinnaman, an actor who, after the stumble that the remake of ‘RoboCop’ entailed, once demonstrated plus one talent to be reckoned with.

For his part, Neeson makes a character very similar to the one he has been playing for the last decade. He feels comfortable in the registry, enjoying this reinvention in which he is already more than settled. They are the three key pieces in a board that takes influences from here and there to shape an entertainment that, after a somewhat clumsy presentation of its characters, puts in fifth gear and heads with all its might to a final climax that hides some doses of visual poetics that bring an unsuspected elegance to the proposal.

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9 ‘Be quiet’

'Be quiet'

‘Silence’ is not a movie for everyone. You may hate a comment of this nature, open to interpretation and the unknown, but there are not many more exits here. The question, in any case, is simpler than it seems. If you do not enter its history, its universe of constant containment, you are dead. There is no option, give it up, you will never commune with her. And sorry for the easy joke.

But beware, if the opposite effect occurs, you have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful films of recent years, a set of first-rate actors, with special mention for a Liam Neeson who take advantage of each of his scenes to impose and move with the same dose of overwhelming talent, and a passionate and interesting reflection on the concept of beliefs and the defense that we make of them served on a silver platter by a Martin Scorsese at the height of his legend. A masterpiece as loved as it is hated, yes, but an essential viewing.

Silence in eCartelera

10 ‘Eternally in love’

'Eternally in love'

‘Eternally in love’, horrendous translation of the original title ‘Ordinary love’, is one of the hidden gems in the last stage of Liam Neeson’s career. Eclipsed by its celebrated action thrillers, this exemplary drama in its background and form is marked by an extraordinary delicacy, wisely and intelligently dodging the possible puddles of tear that it could fall into as a result of its plot. However, both Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn in the direction and superb Liam Neeson and Lesley Manville in front of the camera turn the viewing of the film into an emotional and moving experience.

Along with these ten films, and in order to celebrate the importance of Liam Neeson in the history of the seventh art, We take the opportunity to remember another set of interpretations that place him as one of those actors who justify the price of admission: ‘Schindler’s list’, ‘Darkman’, ‘Nell’, ‘Michael Collins’, ‘The great man’ or ‘The price of passion’. And we still have a few in the pipeline.

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