The designerAgatha Ruiz de la PradaShe stars on the cover of “Hello” with a photo in which she goes for a walk in Madrid (she does not lack the mask decorated with her characteristic hearts) with her new boyfriend. Goodbye to the world of junk, that ofLuis Miguel Fernández, “El Chatarrero”, and welcome the luxury and high finance sector. Because Ágatha courts withLuis Gasset, a 52-year-old executive (“Hola” account), widowed and with two daughters, who is now CEO of Ansorena and “has spent a large part of his professional life in the luxury sector and has been CEO and president in different companies LVMH group, like Bulgari, internationally. He has also been Vice President of Qatar Airlines and is passionate about art. “

The magazine also highlights theQueen Letiziaand her daughters,Leonor and Sofia, in rigorous mourning on the occasion of the tribute to those who died in Spain during the pandemic. In addition, it offers a comprehensive report withConstantine of Greece, who turns 80 and poses “in his house facing the sea” with his wifeAna Maria.

Ana Obregónstill grieving and broken in pain after losing her sonAlex Lequio, at age 27, from cancer. The actress has written an emotional letter that is echoed by all the magazines. “Lecturas” gives him most of his cover with a harsh phrase: “Together we asked God to heal you but he ignored us.” The reality world helps the magazine complete its featured news:Mila Ximenezspeaking ofLydia Lozano; andIvana, contestant on “Survivors”, talking about her childhood, when she thought about “killing her father”.

Sara CarboneroShe is on the cover of “Semana” with her short hair photograph, a brave gesture by the journalist after a year undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer. The magazine uses three photos of the beautiful presenter and her new image. Along with her two reviews: one for Ana Obregón and her sad letter; another forDiego Matamoros, that after breaking withWakeis consoled withCarla Barber, as “Week” teaches in photos that do not need much more description.

“Diez Minutos” stars Lidia Lozano in the pink kiosk, which her husband has asked to leave the “Sálvame” program.Belén Estebanreturn to live withFranin her home in Paracuellos after many weeks separated by the rigorous isolation to which she suffered, very delicate health due to diabetes. The couple appears in a photo entering the house. There is also a photo of the son ofAnabel Alonso, who was a mother on May 24.