From the pool! Playmate Celia Lora sunbathes everything

From the pool! Playmate Celia Lora sunbathes everything (Instagram)

From the pool! Playmate Celia Lora sunbathes everything | Instagram

The star of Lucky Ladies MexicoCelia Lora continues to make Internet users enjoy her charms in her now famous “dos x” swimsuit. The mexican playmate This time he decided to show off from inside the pool and show everyone how he has fun and sun everything.

The famous daughter of Alex Lora He shared a photo on Instagram where he can be seen enjoying a rich day at the pool, where the fun could not wait, since Celia Lora’s face shows that she is having a good time.

The Boss of Acapulco Shore took advantage of the sunny afternoon for her beautiful skin to enjoy the rays of the Sun, which is why Celia lora she wore very little to tan as much of her voluptuous figure as possible.

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The beautiful daughter of the leaders of the TRI She chose her swimsuit that covers the most essential of herself with only two black Xs, while the lower part of her swimsuit also allowed to see a lot of her enviable figure.

Celia Lora’s outfit allowed her to show off her flirty tattoo on the lower part of her belly and she complemented her look with some small accessories, huge sunglasses, her quite natural face and her hair with a fairly relaxed updo.

The photograph published in the official account of Celia Lora 23 hours ago has exceeded 160 thousand reactions on the famous social network and showed that the owner of the Love Clinic likes one of the most famous drinks internationally, a soft drink from dark color that he carries in his hand.


Celia Lora’s comment box did not take long to receive messages for the mtv star in which they highlight how beautiful she looks in the pool, hearts, kisses and others, they did not wait. The one who stood out from the comments was Ignacia Michelson, one of her most mischievous content companions.

Recently, Celia has made a lot of content accompanied by beautiful women, something that has captivated her audience even more. One of the videos most remembered by Internet users was the one in which the Mexican playmate was accompanied by Apolonia Lapiedra and they shared the same bed. The rather bawdy recording acquired quite a lot of fame and Celia Lora was even questioned about how she felt about being in such personal conditions with another woman.

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The tv star She stressed that it was not difficult for her to share those scenes with Apolonia; however, she was very sure of her taste for gentlemen. Despite her taste for men, Celia Lora has also revealed something that has caused a stir, which is better polyamory.

To say for the mexican modelIt is better not to have a stable relationship, since currently “they do not know how to love”, they are unfaithful and so on, so if they do not know how to have a relationship it is better that everything be “open” so as not to fall into conflict; the famous one has confessed.