from the man who threatened to kill her to the one who bathed naked in her pool

The previous week ended with the most typical thing in the life of a Kardashian: first a promotion and then a misunderstanding that brought rumors to the fans and laughter among the family. But it was to arrive at dawn on Sunday and things started to take on a scary movie tint for Kendall Jenner, who has had a really horrible few days.

Kim Kardashian’s little sister was the only one who so far had not had the honor of putting her name on one of the perfume lines of KKW Fragrance, the cologne brand with which Kimberly had debuted in this branch in October 2017, something that was solved with Kendall x KKW, for whose essence he was inspired by the outdoors and his horseback riding, one of his favorite passions.

After the required photographs (in which she appeared dressed as an Amazon with her sister, accompanied by the flasks and two black steeds), it was her turn to a little gaffe from her mother, Kris Jenner, that inadvertently fueled rumors about Kendall’s possible pregnancy just days after she assured that she was ready to be a mother.

The matriarch sent him a message via Twitter that left her followers eyed as she wrote “You already did it!” attaching in turn a bottle emoticon. After that, the 25-year-old model was pressing to dispel any kind of suspicion.

Kendall made it clear that she was not referring to her having her first child and explained in another tweet that her mother is the way she is and had been confused. “Mom, you realize this looks like the announcement that I’m pregnant!”He tweeted, along with a laughing smiley and another holding his hand to his face in despair.

An intruder in my pool

And so it ended last week … until the early hours of Sunday, at which time the celebrity understood that she had to reinforce the security of her mansion in Los Angeles, because at 2.00 at night a man began to swim naked in his pool.

Despite living in a gated and guarded community, a 27-year-old broke into his property (Kendall was at his home at the time, although he had been secluded in a safe place) and started banging on the windows screaming the name of the socialite.

As several sources have explained to TMZ, the security of the residence and the community was alerted by the intruder and they began a search, tracking his movements, until the man he took off his clothes and went into the pool that the businesswoman also has.

The subject was then detained by the guards, who held him until the police appeared and he was arrested, although he could only be charged with a minor offense and he was released from his stay behind bars at the police station 6 hours later due to anti-Covid protocols for cases of this type.

The informants have confirmed to the aforementioned medium that the young man did not come into contact with Kendall at any timeAlthough she has already taken as a preventive measure to increase the number of security agents, armed, from her home and who is even considering moving.

A man wants to kill her

But that’s not all, because Kylie Jenner’s older sister is already receiving police protection because of a man who wants to kill her. It was his lawyers who came to court this Monday to obtain a restraining order against Malik Bowker.

Bowker is a 24-year-old who has traveled the United States Looking for Kendall to shoot her dead as it appears in the official documents to which TMZ has again had access and which explains the conversation that Kendall had with a detective from the Los Angeles Police Department.

He explained Bowker’s supposed plan: illegally buying a firearm with which to shoot her and then commit suicide with a second shot. The reason why the purchase of the firearm would be illegal, something allowed in the United States, is because of Bowker’s mental health.

The young man is currently held in the psychiatric ward of a local hospital, Although his intention was to leave the mental health center in the next few days, which they warned the influencer that it would be quite likely because he has already finished his internment.

It is not explained how someone who says they want to kill Kendall Jenner can be discharged from the hospital, but this has made the model fear for her life And, despite having a renewed and increased security team that monitors your home 24/7, the fear is still there.

It is known that the businesswoman has never met the young man, although this whole situation is affecting her daily life, creating deep emotional anguish and anxiety, explaining to her closest people that She is terrified that the moment Bowker comes out he wants to carry out his threat, even if this is simply hurting her or hurting her without reaching murder. For now, and adding to his personal equipment the work of the police, the judge has decreed a restraining order of 100 yards, about 90 meters.