From the creators of Vikings, a new series about the bubonic plague

From the creators of Vikings, a new series about the bubonic plague (INSTAGRAM)

From the creators of Vikings, a new series about the bubonic plague | INSTAGRAM

After the famous History Channel series Vikings came to an end, Michael Hirst, its creator, already has a new project and it looks promising. The Briton is working on The Plague Year, a new miniseries from A + E Studios also for the History Channel, which will deal with the bubonic plague during the seventeenth century in London.

According to the information of the creator, he will act as executive producer, while Coleman Herbert (from Rectify, The K1lling, Big Love) will participate as a screenwriter. The publication points out that The Plague Year will only have “a few episodes” due to the recent change of History Channel, which aims to put aside the productions with long-duration scripts and bet on quality content with short-duration scripts in the documentary genre. an excellent bet for the type of content that is consumed today.

The new series “The Plague Year” takes place in London in 1665, during one of the worst outbreaks of bubonic plague of all time. It will show a society in crisis that finds Londoners leaving the city en masse, while those who remain (whether by choice or not) have their resolve put to the test and try to move on as things fall apart, “reads the official synopsis.

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Aside from working on this miniseries, Hirst is preparing a Vikings spin-off for Netflix titled Valhalla, something that fans are waiting with great excitement.

Being released in 2013, Vikings aired a total of six seasons until its end in 2019. The series chronicles the adventures of the hero Ragnar Lothbrok, his Viking brothers and his family, when he revolts to become the king of the Viking tribes. Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Gustaf Skarsgard and Alexander Ludwig star in the production, which also aired on the History Channel.

Vikings was nominated for 13 Emmy Awards after breaking it with its 6 seasons, and although it has not won any, its great success is undeniable. In Latin America it was broadcast on Fox, but achieved its success and global reach with its arrival in the Netflix catalog, being one of the most viewed of all time on the platform.

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For now we will be waiting for the new production also for Netflix, “Vikings: Valhalla”, the spin-off of the main story. It will be different from the other spin-offs since it is not a prequel, it is a sequel. Located more than 100 years after the events that occurred in the original story and will be what will shape the end of the Viking era, all in the middle of a fight between the United Kingdom and its usual Scandinavian as @ ltantes.

Its cast will be brand new, and will include great actors like Justin Wilson, Yassica Switakowski, Mitcher Slatter, King Gummerus, Yvonne Mai, Bill Murray and Ethan Dillon.

On August 25, Netflix announced that production of the series was restarted after having been stopped by the C0r0navirus pandemic and filming is already taking place in Ireland. There is no confirmed release date for the spin off, but it is believed to be released in late 2021 or early 2022.

They are sure to be incredible pieces of entertainment and will give many hours of fun to those who enjoy this type of SHOW.