From the bed Belinda and Christian Nodal This was the reunion!

From the bed Belinda and Christian Nodal This was the reunion! | Instagram

The singer Belinda is again the target of the comments but not because of any new collaboration or her looks that generate so much controversy but because of the romantic reunion she held with Christian nodal From the bed?

Now you can sleep well! Is the boyfriend of Belinda who would regain peace after assuring in past days, did not reconcile a good night’s sleep being away from the “pop star”,

Christian nodal he would dedicate moving words after embracing his beloved again, the one he remembered “interpreter of Sapito“.

You are my home, I love you, I missed you like crazy, were the words that the interpreter of “From the kisses that I gave you, dedicated in a new video that circulated on social networks.

Undoubtedly, the Sonoran would be very excited to see his beloved again after having been apart, with this he makes it clear that their relationship continues and that he is more in love than ever.

In a video that was shown on one of the fan pages, the couple can be seen very close from the bed and apparently stripped of their clothes! which further sparked the comments, which highlighted the great displays of love from the artist and how cute they looked.

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In the recording, the actress of the new Netflix series “Welcome to Eden” appears completely asleep while Christian Nodal appears turning to the camera.

The coach of the new Tv Azteca program, “La Voz Senior”, wears her hair down and seems to not be wearing any garment on top, however, it is only possible to see her neck and bare arm while her hand touches her lips. while she seems to enjoy a placid sleep.

It could be that now, the emotion of the regional artist was so great that he could not sleep that day either since he appears awake while resting his face on the neck of the Spanish-Mexican.

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It was this weekend when the scenes of this short video once again stole the hearts of all the “belifans” and followers of the regional to see them as loving as ever after the strong rumors that indicated a supposed separation.

Likewise, “Beli” and Nodal decided to separate momentarily but not for the reasons that many would think, but for other reasons, since apparently the singer would travel to Mexico for some commitments and to enjoy moments with his family and friends, whom I haven’t seen for months.

After apparently sanitary measures have been relaxed a bit, the singer-songwriter would have flown from the arms of Belinda Peregrín, whom he left in the old continent.

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And although he himself, Nodal, said he was very happy to be with his family, the truth is that his nostalgia for the “model” of magazines he revealed was so great, he struggled to sleep well when he felt away from her.

It should be remembered that the acclaimed most beloved couple of the show, would remain very close since the Mexican actress of Spanish origin returned to her roots to collaborate in the new production of the streaming service giant, Netflix.

The couple remained in Barcelona where they spent most of their time together, so the recent physical separation would have some effects on both of them, particularly on the Mexican singer-songwriter.

For her part, Belinda Peregrín stars in one of the best moments on a personal and professional level as a shower of projects has come into her hands.

Although the singer would be happy to continue consolidating her career, surely in these days she would also have found great consolation in the arms of her heartthrob since on May 10, the singer, actress and businesswoman born in Madrid, Spain starred in a sad moment remembering one of your loved ones.

His grandmother, Juana Moreno, whom he remembered with a lot of love but also some tears when he expressed how much he missed her and needed her.

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It is worth mentioning that it was the past 2020 when the “inseparable companion” of the fashionista star lost her life, a pity that she also shares with the artist, originally from Caborca, Sonora, who in those days starred in a very similar event when he said goodbye to his grandmother. something that would undoubtedly strengthen their union more.

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