from sneezing to hallucinations

Every orgasm is different. It can be reached alone or in company and in many different ways. But not only the origin has many possibilities. Also the consequences. Some rare effects of orgasm, like the famous petite mort, are quite well known. In this case, the people who experience it suffer a small faint after reaching the climax. But it is not the strangest thing that can happen.

In 2017, gynecologists Anna E. Reinert and James A. Simon, from the University of Maryland and George Washington University respectively, carried out a curious study. In it, they published some of the most peculiar cases they have found in the scientific literature or even on your own patient experience. There is everything from itching to heartbroken crying. Let’s see some of them.

Hallucinations after orgasm

hallucinations, orgasmhallucinations, orgasm

We may have once defined orgasmic climax metaphorically as something that made us fly. However, for some people, it is much more than a metaphor. But not a reality either, it is simply a hallucination.

Among the most frequent hallucinations is the sensation of flying

In their research on rare effects of orgasm, these two gynecologists reviewed a study involving 47 women who claimed to have had something known as expanded sexual response. This can happen in many ways; but, in general, it consists of the appearance of hallucinations just after the burst of pleasure from sex.

Of those 47 volunteers, between 76% and 100% felt for a moment that they flew. 50% to 75% experienced a feeling of unreality. And, the most curious thing: between 1% and 24% felt like they were inside a world of Cartoon.

Furthermore, 50% to 75% noticed that they were coming out of their own body. We don’t know if the tantric sex got out of hand. What is clear is that it could not be missing from the list of rare effects of orgasm.


This concept was described for the first time in a German case report in 1928. Since then, it has been referenced on several occasions and there are even some studies that analyze it.

In general, it usually happens to people who suffer narcolepsy and consists of the complete loss of muscle control for at least 30 seconds. This is one of the rare effects of the most terrifying orgasm for those who suffer from it. Fortunately, just after sex the person in question is usually sitting or lying down, so it is not usually associated with falls, which could be the most dangerous side of this rare effect.

Crying and depression after orgasm

Among the rare effects of orgasm, crying and feeling depressed are two of the best known. Both are symptoms of something known as postcoital dysphoria, which occurs immediately after sex. For this reason, it usually coincides with the climax, although the orgasm does not have to have occurred.

It is believed that it may have a genetic component

The causes are not clear, although it is believed that it could be associated with a reactivation of the amygdala. It is known that this brain region, involved in the emotional processing, decreases its activity during intercourse, to recover it right after. The effect could be that emotions suddenly flood the brain. Roughly speaking, it would be something like when problems suddenly return after a drunk. The result would be an intense urge to cry and a feeling of discomfort or anxiety.

Although there are people more likely to experience this phenomenon, it is not considered to have anything to do with other emotional problems or with the situation of the couple. In fact, it is believed to be something rather genetic, since in studies with monozygotic twins it has been seen that they tend to coincide in this regard.


headache, orgasmheadache, orgasm

At the time Reinert and Simon conducted their research, there were 60 publications in the scientific literature on headache after sexalthough not all of them seemed linked to orgasm.

They are considered benign and can last between a few minutes and three hours. For those people in whom they last a long time, drugs aimed at treating migraine are usually prescribed.

Posttorgasmic illness syndrome

This disease is well documented in the scientific literature, although its causes are not clear. It is usually fair after ejaculation and last between 4 and 7 days after orgasm.

Symptoms are similar to those of a flu picture

The symptoms are similar to those of a influenza table, although others such as irritability, anxiety and gastrointestinal problems can be included.

Among the theories about its origin, those that point to some type of disorder stand out autoimmune.


Although sneezing after orgasm began to be reported as early as the early 20th century, it was not described in more detail in the scientific literature until 1972. It was through the case report of a 59 year old man, who experienced intense episodes of sneezing and mucus after reaching orgasm.

It was not an allergy, as it did not respond to antihistamine treatments. Finally, it was theorized that it could be due to a kind of short circuit, in which there is a crossing between signals from the nervous system, resulting in a response in the form of a sneeze to a stimulus that would not normally produce it.

Foot orgasm

In 2008, a 55 year old woman A resident of the Netherlands had to be operated on urgently and admitted to the ICU for 3 weeks due to a bile leak in the abdomen that led to sepsis. While recovering, he began to experience a strange feeling of tingling in the left foot.

This effect started after emergency surgery

Thus began a series of treatments to try to alleviate this unpleasant symptoms, most of them without results. Finally, in 2010, the tingling turned into what clearly looked like a orgasm. In fact, it started in the foot, but spread up the leg and all the way to the vagina. Lasted about 5 or 6 seconds And it was given without any type of sexual desire or previous stimulation. In addition, she experienced increased lubrication of the vagina and on some occasions had some urine leakage.

After conducting several tests, the health workers concluded that during the 2008 operation an alteration of the nervous system must have occurred, so that the sensations associated with orgasm were connected with his foot. To solve it, a strategic point of a nerve in the foot was anesthetized, so that the sensation that was causing him so much discomfort was numbed.

Other rare effects of orgasm

In the 2017 review on rare effects of orgasm, others are included that, although they are not detailed in scientific publications, they have been given in a testimonial way.

It is, for example, the case of itchy skin wave uncontrolled laughter. Regarding the latter, it may not be desirable to do it uncontrollably, but I wish everyone laughed during or after sex. It is one of the most wonderful sensations that exist and you do not need scientific studies to know it.