From real estate advisor to virtual expert: Why is it important?

For many the work of a real estate advisor is simple. In the most traditional way your job is to find a buyer for a property that is for sale.

However, the truth is that their functions go beyond that and the irruption of the digital world only made their work more complex.

And it is that in addition to having knowledge in law, civil engineering, design, interior decoration and finance, now these professionals are obliged to understand the digital world.

With this in mind, now more than ever it is essential that specialists in the real estate sector remain in constant training, an aspect in which it is crucial to have as support a company that has the training of its elements as a priority.

RE / MAX México is one of these companies. The company with extensive experience in the world of good roots constantly offers courses and workshops that seek to provide its advisors with the best tools to offer a quality service to its clients.

In this game, the attention that this company provides so that its agents and other collaborators understand the complex digital world.

The reason is none other than the profile of the buyers and sellers, which is practically digital.

The figures are clear in this regard and go beyond launching an offer on a website or setting up a buying and selling page on social networks. Virtual and augmented reality are the next edge to work on.

According to Eye Spy 360, 70 percent of real estate buyers acknowledge that they prefer the virtual tour over photos and that it is decisive when buying.

This trend will only grow. It is forecast that more than 75 percent of real estate visits will be made by virtual means by 2035, as stated by CIO Mexico.

With this in mind, it is clear that the real estate advisor must optimize his profile to a new reality, where the demands will go beyond prospecting and budgeting.