from Neo-Luddite dystopias to Lovecraft adaptations

The bookstores are at full blast placing new titles every week and it is time to do a first review of one of the things we are most passionate about: comics.

After the atypical 2020, this year has started loaded with very interesting news that dominate the shelves of bookstores and in Engadget we have chosen the 13 best comics published in Spain this 2021 Until now.

‘Anaïs Nin. In a sea of ​​lies’, by Leonie Bischoff

Anaisnin CoverAnaisnin Cover

We start the selection with a title that comes from France endorsed by its journey in awards (including that of the public of the last edition of Angoulême) and, the truth is, it is no wonder. A delightful drawing accompanies the story of the French writer at a specific moment in her life in which Nin expresses herself through her inventive and sensitive diaries.

Anaïs Nin in a sea of ​​lies

Anaïs Nin in a sea of ​​lies

‘Invisible Kingdom 1: On the Road’, by G. Willow Wilson and Christian Ward

Invisiblekingdom1 11Invisiblekingdom1 11

A fantastic introduction to the new work from the writer behind the new Ms. Marvel. A story that brings together two different girls in search of a greater purpose in a universe dominated by a great cosmic religion. A great comic about faith and how it is used.

Invisible Kingdom 1. On the road (Ear Armchair)

Invisible Kingdom 1. On the road (Ear Armchair)

‘Jimmy Olsen, Superman’s Friend’, by Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber

Superman OlsenSuperman Olsen

Although the first issue came out in December, the collection can be considered fully from 2021. One of the best superhero comics of this year, at least by DC, has not Superman but the intrepid Jimmy Olsen as the protagonist. A really fun collection that makes us enjoy the craziest circumstances in this universe.

Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen: Who Killed Jimmy Olsen?

Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen: Who Killed Jimmy Olsen?

‘Justin’, by Nadar and Julien Frey

Justin 24Justin 24

The compulsory labor service, by which the Vichy government supplied Nazi Germany with labor, is the historical-social context from which the always essential Swim with Pencils in his new work starts. A outstanding script work on Frey’s part he turns poor Justin’s misfortunes into an inspiring tale.

Justin (Ear Armchair)

‘Little Bird’, by Darcy Van Poelgeest and Ian Bertram

Little bird 3Little bird 3

One of the best independent comics coming from the United States is this post apocalyptic fiction with echoes of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ and other shockingly close dystopias but with an infusion of blood and violence and science fiction concepts that permeate the fascinating tale perfectly.



‘The mountains of madness’, by Gou Tanabe

Home Las Montanas De La Locura Lovecraft N 0102 Go Tanabe 202104151448Home Las Montanas De La Locura Lovecraft N 0102 Go Tanabe 202104151448

It is very difficult to transfer the complexity of HP Lovecraft’s work to any other medium, but it must be recognized that manga suits him especially well. Fresh off the press, as it were said, we find an exquisite adaptation that mixes the text of Lovecraft with the imposing visual narrative of Tanabe.

The Mountains of Madness- Lovecraft nº 01/02: Adaptation of Gou Tanabe (Manga Seinen)

The Mountains of Madness- Lovecraft nº 01/02: Adaptation of Gou Tanabe (Manga Seinen)

‘Once and Future vol. 1: The King Is No Longer Dead ‘, by Kieron Gillen and Dan Mora

The always interesting Kieron Gillen returns to the load with another of his great concepts and, on this occasion, he tells us about the power of the story in a brilliant comic even sinning from a certain relaxation when it comes to escalation of a plot that revolves around the prophecy of the return of the King Arthur. A comic that delights fans of the epic.

Once and Future nº 01: The king is no longer dead (Independientes USA)

Once and Future nº 01: The king is no longer dead (Independientes USA)

‘Semillas’, by Ann Nocenti and David Aja

Seeds 1Seeds 1

A splendid cartoon drama that takes us to a future in which the Neo-Luddites have created a schism in society. A journalist who seems to have come out from Ellis’s ‘Transmetropolitan’ will infiltrate the exclusion zone chasing an exclusive at a time when the bees seem uneasy. An exceptional comic that shows that the legendary editor Karen Berger continues to have aim with her projects.

Seeds (Ear Armchair)

Seeds (Ear Armchair)

Chloe Wary’s ‘Rose Season’

Seasonal 115Seasonal 115

If we ignore a little that the graphic section is somewhat crude (both for the drawing and for the coloring) we can enjoy a title more than luminous with the story of a small women’s soccer team. Angoulême Audience Award 2020, Chloe Wary captures a story as simple as it is full of significance and tenderness.

Rose Season (Ear Armchair)

Rose Season (Ear Armchair)

‘Tito Andronico’, by Marcos Prior and Gustavo Rico

Titusandronic 14Titusandronic 14

What Marcos Prior has thrown into this comic, adapting the work of William Shakespeare, has no name. Well yes: courage, courage and inventiveness so that the play breathes in the vignettes in a spectacular way. A real gem.

Titus Andronicus (Ear Armchair)

Titus Andronicus (Ear Armchair)

‘Tres Jokers’, by Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok

Three JokersThree Jokers

Do not see what glad to see Johns again at full power after a time when due to other obligations, he was not especially inspired. The vibrations achieved with ‘The Doomsday Clock’ are confirmed in this magnificent approach to Batman’s great nemesis. A journey through his psyche to try to find out the mystery posed for a few years about the character.

Batman: Three Jokers no.  1 of 3

Batman: Three Jokers no. 1 of 3

‘Undiscovered Country’, by Scott Snyder, Charles Soule and Giuseppe Camuncoli


While Snyder has ended up causing me fatigue with his events in DC, he’s pretty seeded in his standalone comics … though It also helps that there is an expert like Soule. Slightly chaotic at first, this dystopia about a United States hermetically separated from the rest of the world is a more than commendable and recommended comic.

Undiscovered Country nº 01 (Independents USA)

Undiscovered Country nº 01 (Independents USA)

‘X of swords’, by Jonathan Hickman et al.

X Of Swords apocalypseX Of Swords apocalypse

It would be grossly unfair if, with the pipe that I have had, did not recognize the first mega-event of the relaunched X-Men ruled by Hickman (although later his series is the least of it) as one of the victories of this year. A contest of champions for the future of Krakoa as serious as it is crazy but reminiscent of the best times of the mutant franchise.

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