from mass cancellations to reinventing itself with mobile test labs

Patricia, during her wedding in Barcelona in October 2020. (Photo: Courtesy of Patricia (OC EVENTS) / THE FOTOSHOP)

“We thought that if something happened on the wedding day we would have a charge of conscience for life.” Sergio and Laura sadly remember the arrival of spring 2020. As the date of the happiest day of their lives approached, July 18, they were more aware of how impossible it was going to be to celebrate their wedding as they had always dreamed of. Therefore, in full confinement, they made the difficult decision to delay it, hoping that, a year later, the situation would have improved.

Now his hopes are pinned on the next May 1. The situation is, so to speak, different. On the good side, the arrival of vaccines that a good part of the Spanish population is already receiving. On the bad side, the irresponsibility on the part of the public for whom the virus neither exists nor deserves any respect.

Sergio and Laura after getting engaged in Alcalá de Henares (Photo: LAURA MONTAÑA)Sergio and Laura after getting engaged in Alcalá de Henares (Photo: LAURA MONTAÑA)

Sergio and Laura after getting engaged in Alcalá de Henares (Photo: LAURA MONTAÑA)

But Laura and Sergio will take the step adapting to what is already called the “new normal”, which involves a celebration with masks, without dancing, without cocktails, with a lot of separation between guests and with fewer diners than they would have liked. “We imagine the coldest wedding, there are people who will come with fear … Although it is true that now they have much more desire to have something to celebrate, something as endearing as a wedding. But we hope that, although it will be very, very different from how we had imagined it, it will be beautiful, “they explain.

We imagine the coldest wedding, people will come with fear… Sergio and Laura, future husband and wife

Different, it sure is, but they may not regret it, as Patricia, a wedding planner at OC Events and a married bride in the midst of a pandemic, assures. “As much as it was a celebration different from what was planned, it was special and beautiful, and nothing was missing,” he recalls. For not …

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