Thursday 09 July, 2020

For many soccer fans it is a dream to debut in the First Division. But there is a smaller group of players who not only achieved that wish, but also fulfilled it while still children. Soccer Press remembers early premieres in world football.

By Nicolás Acevedo B.

Youth soccer coaches and trainers are emphatic in the idea that the player must burn stages to be able to develop in the best way in their soccer careers, but there are cases in which virtues and talent were anticipated in such a way that the debut in First it was not long in coming.

Regarding this, a great stir caused the debut of the young Argentine footballer from Mallorca, Luka Romero, who at 15 played against Real Madrid. That is why Soccer press He recalled five emblematic cases of early premieres in professional soccer as children.

This Bolivian player has the record of being the youngest footballer to debut in the First Division of world football and that was on July 19, 2009, defending the colors of the Aurora.

The decision to send a 12-year-old boy to the court was not without controversy, since the coach in question was his own father, Julio César Baldivieso.

In 2012, at the age of 16, he broke another record as the youngest player to play in the Copa Sudamericana, also with Aurora. Subsequently, the footballer Nobel was prowling around various Bolivian soccer teams, retiring from activity in 2018 at the age of 22.

The outstanding Colombian player who plays for Real Madrid today debuted in the First Division on December 10, 2006 with Envigado, adding eight appearances during that championship.

That season the team went down and Rodríguez himself collaborated greatly to get an immediate promotion next year. His great performances led him early to Banfield, a club that allowed him to make the leap to Europe.

Although the talented creative midfielder debuted at such a young age, he was not the youngest to set foot on professional pastures in Colombia. Rodríguez is the third youngest footballer to debut in the First Division of that country.

The current San Marcos de Arica forward is the youngest player to debut in Chilean soccer. Millán premiered at 14 years and 298 days in the duel between Colo Colo and Santiago Wanderers played on September 10, 2006.

In that match, the footballer was very close to breaking the record of being the youngest player to turn into national professionalism, but a shot deflected to the pitcher’s mouth denied him that possibility.

From then on, Millán has dressed in various shirts for the Chilean ascent and a brief stint in Argentine football. After a two-year stay at Deportes Copiapó, the striker who took the record from Carlos Caszely signed in the recently promoted to Primera B, San Marcos de Arica.

If debuting in professionalism is the dream of many, imagine doing it against Real Madrid. That is the case of the young Argentine midfielder Luka Romero, who made his debut just over two weeks ago wearing the Mallorca shirt and fulfilling the record of being the youngest player to debut in the Spanish First Division.

Romero they call him the ‘new Messi’ and it is not random, since in the lower divisions of Mallorca he has grown tired of scoring goals and has already shown this with his selection in the South American Sub 15. The boy has not stepped on the grass again since its premiere, but it has remained in the nominations of coach Vicente Moreno.

The ‘Kun’ has been without a doubt one of the most important strikers worldwide in the last decade. Agüero has cemented his success mainly in Manchester City, a club of which he is a historical scorer and with whom he has won various trophies.

But his soccer career dates back 17 years, when he debuted with Independiente on July 5, 2003 against San Lorenzo.

In that match, Sergio Agüero broke the record set by Diego Maradona, being the youngest player to debut in the First Division of Argentine football. It only took him three years from its premiere for European football to lay eyes on him. Atlético Madrid took their services, where they achieved magnificent presentations in their five years at the club.