From Frida Sofía to Alejandra Guzmán: “May my innocence and virginity be returned to me … it was also stolen because of her”

They say that Alejandra Guzmán disinherited Frida Sofía and that he also took away the apartment in which he lives in Miami. Fans and haters have opined on this. Some support the young singer and others attack her and are even happy for the luck that she now has. About these attacks, Frida Sofía has not remained silent, on the contrary, she again left a lethal message to her mother through Instagram stories, words that some of her followers managed to share as a photograph on their personal accounts.

“The apartment, the apartment, the apartment… the time and love would have been better… ALV with her pinch * depa that in the end is the only thing that according to her she gave me with love. When someone gives something, it is not to rub it off and use it as a dog bone ”, read at the beginning of Frida’s message.

He also added: “In the end, if you want to talk about properties… she owes me a house that my paternal grandmother gave me that is worth much more than this fucking golden cage. So you better tell Yo-yo, to give me back my house, but first my innocence, my childhood, my freedom and my virginity, since they also stole it from me because of him !! Yes, her fault for being drunk and unconscious and putting any man in the hotel, every time.

On Instagram she also left this message that could also be in response to the fact of being disinherited by her mother and says: “I do not get used to this world of expensive things, cheap people and sale values ​​and feelings on sale.” That can be read in the photograph, next to which he left these words: “There are people so, so POOR that the ONLY thing they have is MONEY,” he signed this message as Frida Sofía Moctezuma.

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